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Gas Energy Saver, Some call it the gas saver net, it’s basically a net made of metal wires arranged like bicycle spokes. All you have to do is to place it on your gas hob, and it is supposed to help you save gas.It fits over your existing gas hob burner and immediately makes the hob use less gas when cooking: saving money and energy.HOW DOES IT WORK? Most gas hobs burn gas inefficiently, resulting in wasted energy, unburnt by-products, and lost heat, which means they”re costing you money. The Gas Energy Saver solves this problem. Its special catalytic alloy disc fits neatly over one burner (see picture), the disc heats to over 100 degrees centigrade and converts all the unburnt gas to heat and energy. It is a tried and tested product, a very simple concept that actually works! The gas energy saver will reduce heating time so cooks your food faster, using less gas. Fits all gas hobs.  From the description it says the net can increase the burning temperature from 660-800 degrees celsius to 1000-1200 degrees celsius; save on 25% gas; reduce carbon monoxide from 0.18% to 0.026%; cook food 14% faster,Typical savings: 12%. Supplied with full instructions (NB as per the revised instructions that come with it, the Gas Energy Saver should be placed ontop of the burner grate, with the castellated edges face down – as per the picture above). The Gas Energy Saver is made from stainless steal as material,it can serve long years.

* The diameter is about 14cm,fiting most of   gas hob burner;

* It can save gas energy;

* It can reduce carbon discharging;

* It is anti-wind;

* It is anti-water;

* It is faster to cook;



save  25% gas;
reduce carbon monoxide from 0.18% to 0.026%;
cook food 14% faster,Typical savings: 12%.

Gas Energy Saver Gas Energy Saver Gas Energy Saver


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  • Smashing Pumpkins

    I have a 7 year old Sears Gas Warm water Heater. A number of times when we have actually disappeared for a day or more it seems as if the water heater went off and we only have luke warm water for a shower, etc. I drop to examine the pilot lite and the burner is then working fine, and the warm water heater remains to work properly. Does anyone understand exactly what the problem might be?

  • Patrick

    Could you give me prices?


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