Category: Roll Bond Evaporator

Rollbond evaporator is compose aluminium panel,it is a device for performing heat exchange between a refrigerant and a low temperature heat source (cooled system) in a refrigeration system, and is also one of the main heat exchange devices in the refrigeration device.In the Rollbond evaporator, the refrigerant liquid vaporizes at low pressure and low temperature to absorb the heat of the cooled medium, and becomes a refrigerant under low temperature and low pressure in saturated steam or superheated steam, thereby generating and outputting cold addresses in the refrigeration system. The evaporator is located between the throttle valve and the return manifold of the refrigerator or between the supply pipe and the return pipe of the vapor-liquid separation device, and is installed in a cold room or a place where cooling or freezing is required.Rollbond evaporators are the primary heat exchange equipment in refrigeration units. Like the condenser, the heat transfer and heat exchange area of ​​the evaporator, the heat transfer temperature difference and the heat transfer coefficient are related. For the selected evaporator, the heat exchange area is constant, so in addition to appropriately increasing the heat transfer temperature difference of the evaporator, it is mainly to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the evaporator. The increase in heat transfer coefficient depends on factors such as the thermophysical properties of the hot and cold fluid, the flow conditions, the characteristics of the heat transfer surface, and the structural properties of the evaporator.Smartclima can supply the following Rollbond evaporator :(Notice: if you don`t find the needed items,or do you want to purchase, just email to us: [email protected], thank you.)