Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf

Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf

Item: Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf

Short Description: Also named  Free Nail Retractable Shelf Wardrobe Cabinet Partition Layered Rack,Telescopic pipe cabinet rack.With this shelf,you can add more shelving space to your wardrobes and cabinets .No nail required,quick installation,can support weight from 30kgs-100kgs.Better with solid board or wall at both ends.

Materials: Powder coated steel pipe or Stainless steel pipe.

Important Features:Free-nail &Telescopic,you can adjust installation length

Size/Dimension:See Below

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf”

Features&Advantage :

√ Made of Powder coated steel pipe or Stainless steel pipe,can load big weigh;
√ No rust forever & Nice looking;
√ Free-nail &Telescopic,you can adjust installation length;
√ DIY installation,quick and easy;
√ Help to  add more shelving space to your wardrobes and cabinets.

Application :
This product is widely used to add more shelving space to your wardrobes and cabinets.

Dimension and Parameter:
White,length 23-30CM
White,length 30-40CM
White,length 38-55CM
White,length 50-80CM
White,length 75-120CM
Green,length 30-40CM
Green,length 38-55CM
Red,length 75-120CM
Green,length 50-80CM
Green,length 75-120CM
Red,length 30-40CM
Blue,length 75-120CM
Red,length 38-55CM
Blue,length 30-40CM
Blue,length 38-55CM

install-1 install-2 install-3 install-4 install-5 install-6 install-7 install-8 using in kitchen room use at bathroom vertical usage sample four color for choice ABS + steel pipe install-14 Free-nail Shelf with  Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Telescopic Wardrobe Layered rack details Layered Shelf details How to install Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf

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FAQ on “Free-nail Telescopic Wardrobe Layered Shelf ”

Q: Does this rack mounting need screws when install?Is it diffcult to install? How to fix?
A: This shelf is free nail, free any tools.Any one takes only 3-5 minutes to install.It depends on the both ends tightly against the two sides hold up, the similiar similar principle like jack principle.

Q: Does it fit my cabinet?What` size should I choose?
A: As long as the place is strong on both sides, for example, tiles, walls, wardrobes, shoe racks, cabinets, etc., as long as there is strong flat place,then the rack can be installed.
Before buying,measure the length and width of the cabinet in order to choose the right size, for example, the cabinet you want to install is 60cm wide,then you can choose shelf 50-80cm, and if the cabinet width is 80cm,then you can choose shelf 75-120cm ;Our shelf deep 24cm, if your cabinet deep 48cm, you can install two shelves standing side by side.

Q: What is the material? is it strong?
A: Our rack is made from Powder coated steel pipe or Stainless steel pipe, very strong.
Depending on the specific load-bearing cabinet firmness, which is more solid cabinet, the more firmly on the top shelf, and thus the greater load-bearing, bearing at least 30kgs or more generally, the maximum load up to 100 kg.

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