Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger,low pressure drop,good heat exchanging

Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger

Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger,custom heat exchanger stainless steel tubing coil

If you are looking for a professional manufacturer to custom heating coil for prototype or for bulk order,then we`ll be your best partner.Smartclima has more than 20years experience to make SS tubing coil heat exchanger and export to abroad.Made from Grade 316 or Grade 304 stainless steel tube,complete automatic pipe bend turning machine assures to manufacture perfect coil heat exchanger to get a consistent spiral formation to achieve optimal surface area and heat exchange surface,with low pressure drop but good heat exchanging performance.The coils used in the field of food, industrial, HVAC and architectural & transportation field.We can do single or double or multi-layers helical coils,made from Grade 316 or Grade 304 stainless steel tube,or copper tube,or titanium tube.Coil tube type heat exchanger,also called tube Spiral heat exchanger, Helical Coil immersion heating coil,they are serpentine type heat exchangers,has excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids. can be single coil ,dual coil or multi-coil heat exchanger,typically consists by a Stainless steel tube which is bent as needed into a desired shape and size, such as circular, rectangle,spiral, and the long serpentine. It was the first appearance of a heat transfer equipment, simple structure, easy operation.The main advantage is to flow liquid,steam or refrigerant with small pressdrop.It has very high heat exchanging efficient,no leakage and can stand high pressure. .

Custom various of Stainless steel tube coil immersion heat exchanger,material can be stainless steel, copper or titanium tubing.

Place of origin: China

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Advantage :

√ The heat exchanger is made from seamless SS tube grade 304,316,316L,seamless ,and the tube can stand high pressure.Also can be made from copper or titanium tubing.
√ Our equipment machine can help you to fabricate any grade stainless steel tube into any the designed shape and required dimension.
√ If you need,we can process the tube surface with polished technology .
√ The coil reached food grade standards.
√ Smooth inner surface and the refrigerant or water can circulate flowing in the coil,small pressure-drop.
√ The material has good performance of resistant to corrosion.
√ Customizable size as you required.

Manufactiring Features :

  • Strong material strength ,the tensile strength is better than other materials ,
  • Various tubing size.Tube can be 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/2″, etc…
  • Different design shapes: helical coil immersion heat exchanger,flat coil heat exchanger,and just simple U bend design,and other shapes,can also do tube-in-tube that is dual tubetype,coaxial coil type heat exchanger,tube-in- shell type , finned tube coil heat exchanger,and so on.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger have many advantages ,such as strong pressure ,stability material properties ,good performance of resistant to corrosion,advanced heat transfer efficiency ,and it wouldn’t contaminate medium or without refrigerant leakage .
  • Stainless steel has excellent temperature resistance , can prevent Frost Crack evaporator in the low temperature ,will safely working at minus 270 Deg C to 400 Deg C.
  • The material has good mechanical properties and good hot work ability for stamping and bending ,no heating treatment hardening.
  • Made from one stainless tube;Parallel two tubes for coiling are also available;
  • Also available on Aluminium Tube or copper Tube.
  • Available for  circular, spiral, and the long serpentine;
  • Finned tube is also working;
  • Available for various dimensions;
  • Can be welded with brass joints;
  • All items are performed full testing(leakage and pressure) before delivery.
  • Accept min. order: 1 unit

Applications :
This product is customed item.It is widely used for applications for the energy sector, chemical process and instrumentation, aerospace and defense,refrigeration industries,such as plating,oxidation,chemical industry,metallurgy,light industry,shipbuilding,heating, heat pump system,pharmaceutical,foodstuff ect, also for leather chiller, injection molding machine chiller, print chiller,PV shoe machine chiller, chromatography, and shipbuilding industry. and so on.

stainless tube U bending

Sample of stainless steel tube single coil heat exchangers

Sample of stainless steel tube multi-layers coil heat exchangers

Sample of SS flat coil heat exchangers

stainless tubing coil manufacturing1/2 and 3/4 and 1inch stainless steel tubing coil factory manufacturing

boiler coil heat exchanger with various sizes

heat exchanger Stainless steel tube coilCopper tube immersion coil heat exchangerHelical Coil Tube Heat Exchanger

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  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accepter en bloc de commande avec livraison des Conteneurs;
  • More types of Heat Exchanger are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
  • Please tell the following dimensions:

Tube size:material/O.D./Wall thickness/Tube total length
(D): Coil Outside Diameter
(L): Coil height,
(P): Pitch or Number of Turns
(T):Length of outlet or inlet;
(O): Relative Angle and distance between inlet and outlet;
Outlet Distance to Center


General Knowledge on “Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger,low pressure drop,good heat exchanging”

Stainless Steel has good heat conductivity performance and properties .It is also healthy,and no problem to contact water or food directly.

Therefore,Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger  is used to transfer heat in a wide variety operating conditions. coil immersion heat exchanger is more efficient than shell and tube exchangers for low flow rates. Due to their simple construction they are low in price and convenient to clean on the shell side. Thermal efficiency approximates that a true countercurrent flow type exchanger. Condenserors are used for condensation vapours cooling liquids. Condensers are made by fusing number parallel coils in a glass shell. Stainless steel  tube coil immersion heat exchanger is artificial to special requirements as to dimensional tolerances, finish and tempers for use in condensers and heat exchangers. Copper heat exchanger tubes are normally supplied in straight length in annealed half hard temper. It is not only have the stiff tolerances the most dependable dimensions throughout the tube length. The tube surface is clean both inside. Coils are made in different diameters using tubes different bores.

 Calculations of stainless steel tubing coil heat exchanger

Calculation of heat transfer area of stainless steel coil:

Heat transfer area calculation formula: F=Q/KK*△tm

F is the effective heat transfer area of the coil heat exchanger device; Q is the total heat transfer heat; k is the dirt coefficient, which generally takes 0.8-0.9; K is the heat transfer coefficient; △tm is the average temperature difference.

Setting: The specific heat of air d[j/(kg*k)], density p(kg/m³), tube thickness h(m), and the thermal conductivity of stainless steel λ[j/(m*k)]. The required heat dissipation area is S(㎡).

Average temperature difference ΔT=(82+33)/2-29=28. 5(k)

18 Inquires to Stainless steel tube coil heat exchanger,low pressure drop,good heat exchanging

  1. Can you please provide a price for 2 coils of the following dimensions
    Tube material – 316L stainless steel seamless
    Tube outside diameter – 6.35mm (1/4 inch)
    Tube wall thickness – 1.245mm
    Coil outside diameter(D) – 100mm
    Coil Length(L) – 228mm
    Coil Pitch (P) – 9mm
    Tube inlet (T) – 100mm
    Tube inlet and oulet parallel to coil axis and at same end of coil with the outlet on the inside of the coil as per top drawing of the buying guide. The short length (inlet) centred on the coil axis rather than at the outer diameter

    If possible can you provide an estimate of the shipping price to Toronto, Canada.

    Many thanks,

  2. Bonjour,

    I am interested in buying 4 off SS316 coiled tubing for a heat exchange application.
    Coil tube diameter 20 or 25mm
    Diameter of coiled tube 200mm
    Length of tubing to be rolled 12m

    Could you please offer a cost and your best delivery time?

  3. I´m an inventor and manufacturer of world-leading preparative gas chromatographic systems on the global market. Each system contains a number of stainless steel coils with various diameters, of the type you manufacture.
    I´m also interested in buying Stainless Steel grade 304 coil tubing very similar to the 1st coil pictured in this page, but without the thick end connectors.

    the coil dimensions I need would be :
    Coil tube diam 10mm
    height height of coiled tube 300mm
    Diameter of coiled tube 100mm

    Do you have a standard coil with approximately these dimensions

    Do you have a rough estimate of the cost?

  4. We are looking for 3/4in stainless (304) coil. 200′ in length. Can you quote me the availability and price.

  5. Salut
    I am a small hydroponics farm grower, just starting out.
    I started by using a copper coil immersed in a 500 L tank, with a 3 ton chiller using R22. But after a few weeks I noticed problems with the crops, and found out that the copper was reacting with the nutrition in the tank.

    After a lot of research, I have settled on remaking the coil out of stainless steel.
    I understand you can design these types of coils, and would like to have a quote from you.

    My current coils are in the shape of a rectangle, 750 mm long by 650 mm wide.
    There are 7 of these coils stacked to a height of 350 mm tall.

    Currently my copper tubes have an outer diameter of 11 mm, and inner diameter or 8 mm. The wall thickness is supposed to be 1.5 mm, but I measured with a vernier caliper scale and got 1 mm.

    Because steel conducts heat much less efficiently than copper, I am concerned about whether or not wall thickness of the stainless steel tube should be reduced, to lets say 1.0 mm or even 0.5 mm. What would you recommend ?

    Also, for the same reason mentioned above, would you recommend increasing the surface area, by increasing the outer diameter from 11 mm to 12 mm?

    Do you need a drawing to make a quote?


  6. I’m working for a proposal of heat exchanger device. Kindly quote best price for below details of spiral coil,details are as following:
    tube size = 12mm outer diameter x 1.5mm thickness
    Length of tube to be coil = 9meter
    diameter of coil = 76mm
    pitch between circle tubes = 20mm
    Material is SS316L
    We are going to immersed the coil in vessel which having inner diameter of 128.2mm and height of 750mm
    total quantity required is 9units.

  7. I’m interested in buying 1 Stainless Steel grade 304 coil tubing very similar to the 1st coil pictured in this page,

    the coil dimensions I need would be :
    L = 12 inch
    T = 18 inch
    D = 1 inch
    R = 1 inch
    P = as small as possible
    tubing would be 1/4 inch

    Do you have a standard coil with approximately these dimensions

    How much would it cost to make and ship this product to BC, Canada

    • Hello,Chris. Yes,the size you provided can be customize.We already sent an email to you for more details communication.
      Je vous remercie.

  8. Hi There,
    What would it cost to have the coil with threaded ends on the pipe sticking out approximatley 500mm form the coil, landed here in Invercargill New Zealand?

    Kind regards

  9. I am interested in a round stainless steel coil that is: (1) constructed of 1/2 inch 304 stainless steel, (2) coil outside diameter is 9 to 9.5 inch diameter, (3) pitch or turns of 12 turns per foot or 1 turn per inch, (4) total height is 6.5 feet, (5) return coil to top of coil is to be inside of coil, (6) coil to be supported (braced) on the outside of coil with three a 1/4 inch rods 120 degrees apart and running the full length of the 6.5 foot coil plus 6 inches below the bottom of the coil, (7) inlet and outlets are to have 1 foot of additional tube beyond the top to the coil, (8) both inlet and outlet are to be fitted with stainless steel 1/2 inch female pressure connectors, (9)two of the above described units are needed. It these meet specifications my company will place an order for several hundred units. Please provide the time to fabricate and delivery the units to us in Texas, USA and a cost for fabrication and delivery of the two units.

  10. I need a coil inside a coil(double coiled heat exchanger ),it is made from a stainless steel 316 seamless tube coil. Can you made for me? the coil dimensions I need would be :
    Coil tube diam 10mm,and wall thickness 1mm;
    height of coiled tube 600mm
    Diameter of outer coil 150mm,and inside coil 110mm.

  11. Im looking to have a S/S heat exchanger coil made. Can you supply to me.
    Coil to have inlet and outlet at the same end and going at 90deg opposite each other.
    The outer coil OD diameter is 85mm and the pipe size is 1/2inch, and a total length of 1070mm, with 5mm between the rolls of the coil.
    And I would like a second coil inside the outer coil that is 1/2inch with 5mm between the coil, and About 5 to 10mm between the outer and inner coils.
    Can this be done

  12. Dear Sirs,

    I am looking for 3 pieces SS coil.

    Made form ½” 316 Stainless Steel.

    (D) Coil Outside Diameter = 14cm
    (L) Coil Height = 60cm
    (P) Pitch or Number of Turns = 10
    (T) Length of Outlet/Inlet = 10cm

    Inlet must be directly opposite outlet and at opposite ends of coil.

  13. I’m needing quantity three (3) Stainless steel Spiral heat exchangers per attached .pdf drawing. I’m seeking to find if you can produce in 1 inch OD with heavy wall to handle 250 degree glycol in boiler system. The ends would need to extend six (6) inches as they would need to run through a bored out compression fitting arrangement.

  14. I wish to have a heat exchanger coil made of either copper or stainless steel for for use in a scaling test rig, which we are building. I attach a sketch of the test rig and heat exchanger coil. For the moment, I wish to contruct 1 rig and carry out a proving trial. If this is successful I would want to have several coils made of both copper and stainless steel made. Possibly other companies will also be interested.

    Please come back to me to let me know whether you are able to made such a coil out of stainless steel and copper and what the likely cost will be? The tube diameter will need to be quite small from 6-10mm diameter depending on availability of material.

  15. We have a tank (1m3) with our fluid (wastewater) and we are interested in a Stainless Steel Tube Coil heat exchanger to reduce the temperature of a sample of that wastewater in order to conduct a measurement with a particular instrument.(the instrument requires that the sample is 39-40oC in order to give accurate readings).
    The fluid is waste water with suspended solids less than 15 ppm. The sample flow is 15 lt/h.
    Our fluid is at 55-60oC and we would like to cool down to 39oC. The ambient temperature is min 5oC and max 40oC.
    The waste water pressure is max 1bar.
    we do not want to cool the entire tank of wastewater, just a sample of it through a pipe. Please see attached pdf.

    we would like your suggestions for a heat exchanger that will fit the task described, followed by your best financial offer.

    meilleures salutations

  16. Hi there,

    I’m interested in buying 1 Stainless Steel grade 304 coil tubing very similar to the 5th coil pictured in this page, but with longer straight tube at the ends of the coil.

    the coil dimensions I need would be around:
    width 15-18cm
    height 10cm of curled tube + 10 cm of straight tube going up.
    depth 10cm

    I’m not sure how long would be the tube itself.

    How much would it cost to make and ship this product to Dublin, Ireland?

    Je vous remercie.

    • I’m interested in buying 1 Stainless Steel grade 304 coil tubing very similar to the 1st coil pictured in this page,

      the coil dimensions I need would be :
      Coil tube diam 10mm
      height height of coiled tube 300mm
      Diameter of coiled tube 100mm

      Do you have a standard coil with approximately these dimensions

      How much would it cost to make and ship this product to Melbourne , Australia

      Je vous remercie.

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