Duct Inspeaction Robot,Wireless,Cheap,Powerful function


Item: Duct Inspeaction Robot,Wireless,Cheap, Powerful function

Courte Description:Seems some roughly and ugly?Seems like a toy?… … Yes,you are right. But,used as Duct Detection Robot,compared other similiar item in the market,it is cheap enough but with very powerful functions.

Hello,everyone.This robot is our new design and develop for pipe and duct detection/inspection, the main function is to detect or inspect the pipe/duct which diameter or height is more than 30cm.We adopted the mini car robot with strong ability of through the obstacle and strong flexibility to forward and back and turning.

With strong flexibility two degrees of freedom servo PTZ camera, easy to observe the details of every angle in the pipe or duct, with the 5.8G and 600 mW transmit power Illustrated,wireless but can transmit image more than 500 meters.

Important Features:Wireless,Powerful function,Cheap(cost 600USD only).

Lieu d'origine: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Fonctionnalité :

  • Switching the front and rear camera, back camera with ultra-wide angle fisheye with infrared night vision, easy enter and exit the pipe deep
  • The robot with high alarm function, can promptly know the location of the robot, also to deter the animals inside the tubes.
  • The robot has light and camera configuration primary focus light,can be work and observe in dark.
  • Good climbing capacity.
  • Wireless controlling.

Application :
This product is widely used to inspect deep duct or pipe,used in ventilation duct,air condition pipe,underneath pipe,etc.

function of Detection Robot Duct-pipe-Detection-Robot Duct-Inspection-Robot Duct-Detection-Robot Pipe-inspection-Detection-RDuct Observe Robot

easy to observe duct

Robot with LED light and camera head

Air Duct Checking Robot

Buying guide to “ Duct Inspeaction Robot ”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • Le lieu d'origine est en Chine,lorsque vous achetez un ou deux,veuillez considérer que les frais de transport(par avion ou par la mer) dans le coût;
  • Accepter en bloc de commande avec livraison des Conteneurs;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]

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