Target-type Flow Switch controller


1, working voltage: DC250V/AC220V, the voltage is preferably less than 110V

2, working current : 0.3A

3, switching power: 70W, normally open type

4, switch life: 1 million times

5, flow range: 7L-60L / min

6, installation method: installation in random direction

7, the use temperature: 100 degrees or less

8. Switching signal: When water flows: 2-wire conduction (on signal), when water is stationary: 2-wire disconnection (off signal)

9. Working principle: use the water impulse to push the pick/slurry, so that the magnet is close to the reed switch to generate the signal.

Place of origin:China

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Models and Details for “Target-type Flow Switch controller”

This switch is a switch of flow of automatic water. Wiring is it fit rule line while being high-quality to adopt, used in the central air conditioner cold warm ink protect. The switch is put through when the flow is normal. Switch disconnection when being unusual . This product reacts sensitivly , safe and reliable, have long performance life, extensively suitable for such systems as a type , gas type central air conditioner ,etc.

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