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Floor Air Diffuser

We accept customized dimension for production on different model Floor Air Diffuser……Small order is permited.No Minimum order limit!

Floor Air Diffuser Floor Air Diffuser

Floor Air Diffuser FD-B

* Model: FD-B
*  Material: Aluminum
*  Feature:
* Frame thick:2.5-5.Omm.
* With strong constrution and specially design for fan.
* The product feature has met the Europe market standard.

Smartclima is a compositive supplier for HVACR products,including Single deflection grille, Double deflection grille ,Eggcrate Grille,Linear Diffuser,Air diffuser,Square 4-way air diffuser,Round air diffuser,Floor Air DiffuserSupply Air 2-way DiffuserAir Valve,Metal Air Valve Air Grille,etc.Grilles and diffusers are flexible devices that can be put almost anywhere to maximise airflows.Grilles in ther series of air terminal devices are manufactured in a myriad of shapes, sizes and materials. They provide an economical means for distributing air in a building and are placed within floors, walls, ceilings and even doors to enable the air to pass through to other rooms. They are are ideal for office environments; when walls are moved, grilles in the ceilings or floors can be relocated to meet requirements. Even when altering ceiling layouts, extending the ductwork if necessary and re-siting the grilles is relatively simple. ,air terminal devices are used as terminal device in an air ventilation system or a HVAC system.The air terminal device is requiring good performance and good looking.

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