Flexible shaft duct cleaning and chiller tube cleaning machine


A machine with double functions:cleaning air duct and cleaning chiller tube in refrigeration system.With same machine,just need to changer Flexible Shaft…Shaft long 20meters,brush long 250mm,spread diameter 550mm.Portable and easy to take.

Important Features:One machine with double function:cleaning air duct and cleaning chiller tube in refrigeration system

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features and Vantages:

With automatic, manual and remote control, high power, high efficiency motor, powerful, can easily drive shaft 20m with high speed cleaning work.
product description:
Automatic flexible shaft cleaning machine is designed for cleaning large and handheld vertical duct and chiller tube,is a special cleaning tools, use AC motor as a power source to drive the brush rotated by the flexible shaft mechanically to dust or dirt inside the pipe loose , with the power of the vacuum cleaner work to make the pipe wall to achieve a clean goal. Host for the inverter control, stepless adjustable shaft rotational speed, display real-time speed, controlled swing time, automatic switching functions manually country.
Replace the shaft,and then can clean duct or chiller tube, play two roles in one machine.

Dimension and Parameter:
Motor rotary speed: 0-1000r/min;
Duct Cleaning flexible shaft long 20meter;Dia.10mm;
Duct Cleaning Brush dia.550mm
Chiller Tube Cleaning flexible shaft long 7.6 meter;
Chiller Tube Cleaning Brush long150mm;dia.16mm and 19mm;
Machine dimension:430x240x400mm,with trolley pushing bar,total high 820mm;
Total weight:22kgs;

flexible Shaft-and-chiller-tube cleaning machine

Flexible Shaft Duct Cleaning Machine Working:

flaxible shaft duct cleaning

Flexible Shaft Chiller Tube Cleaning Machine Working:

Chiller tube cleaning equipments

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