Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner

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Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 7

Item: Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner

Short Description: to clean air duct.

Rotary Speed: 0-1400 turns/min(Regulatable);
Shaft length options:8meters,10meters,15meters(Length can be customized):
Brush diameter options:
Dia.100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm,350mm,400mm,500mm,600mm.( can be customized);

Types rotary flexible shaft to loose the dust in duct;

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 9 Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 11 Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 13 Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 15 Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 17Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 19

Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 21


Rotary Speed: 0-1400 turns/min(Regulatable);
Shaft length options:8meters,10meters,15meters(Length can be customized):
Brush diameter options: Dia.100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm,300mm、350mm,400mm,500mm,600mm.( can be customized);

Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 23

Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 25

Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 27Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 29Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 31

1.Clockwise rotary;   2. Counter-clockwise rotary;  3.Alarm light;   4.Voltage light   ; 5. Current indicator light;  6.Frequency indicator light;  7.Regulating knob;  8. Enter;   9. Down key;   10. JOG; 11. Up key;  12. Set; 13. Stop; 14.Run;  15.Shift;  16. Screen; 17. Emergency stop;   18.Power indicator;   19,Power cord;  20. Brush working indicator;  21.Switch for clockwise rotary and counterclockwise rotary;  22.Foot-step switch.
(Unless necessary,don`t press the key of &9,all parameters were set in factory already).

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Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner 33

Buying guide to “ Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,and heavy weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]

3 Inquires to Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner

  1. Please send me prices for this

    Flexible-Shaft Air Duct Cleaner

    For our start up industrial services company.

    1. with Whole set of brushes
    2. Shaft length = 15 meters & 20 meters.


  2. Hello smartclima

    I am from Denmark. And i going too start a Company here there i going too clean ventilations pipes i Will like you send my all the prices off yours products on the hvac tools robots and in a pdf file best regards Thomas

  3. Please send me quotation for Flexible Shaft Air Duct Cleaner. I need for re-selling purposes, FOB to India.


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