Flange Tape

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Flange Tape

Flange Tape

Convenient roll, easy to apply, reduces heat loss from hot pipes up to 160 degrees. Stops condensation/dripping from cold pipes, closed cell structure and low K factor. Never dries or cracks, adheres firmly to all metals and to itself.

  • Self adhering foam insulation tape
  • Easy to use, works to all metals
  • Helps stop condensation and dripping
  • Durable, will never dry or crack
  • Closed cell structure, reduces heat loss from hot pipes

Size: 3mm x 50mmx 9140mm/roll

To be used for TDC and TDF connections, where a highly adhesive, low cost gasket is preferred.
This product is a high quality general use tape developed for the metal ducting industry for use as a sealant, moisture, and dust barrier. It is non-hardening and has excellent adhesion to most dry metal surfaces.

Special Characteristics

Wide range of application temperatures
Works under extreme conditions
Superior adhesion to most dry metal surfaces

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