Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger

Supply Finned Coil Heat Exchangers,immersion type.The Copper Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger has radial fins on the outside tubes to extend the heat transfer surface area. Tubes are mounted in horizontal tanks, and multiple fans blow air across the outside of the tubes for cooling the process fluid inside the tubes.It always be bent to coil type,immersion type,and thus transfer hot from vapor steam or energyed liquid into air (through the finned area).Fins are used to increase the effective surface area of heat exchanger tubing. Finned tubes are used when the heat transfer coefficient on the outside of the tubes is appreciably lower than that on the inside; as in heat transfer from a liquid to a gas, vapor to a gas, such as steam to air heat exchanger, thermal fluid to air heat exchanger.

Materials:Copper fin tube

Size/Dimension: Customized size.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

  • For water and similar liquids with similar physical and chemical properties. Liquid pressure: ≤0.6Mpa and temperature: ≤100℃;
  • Wide range of connector thread,1/2″,3/4″,1″,1.2″,1.5 inch,2 inch;
  • Support pump power from 60W to 2000W;
  • Available for AC220v and DC12V,DC24V,DC0-110V.
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;
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Details for “Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger”

√ Made of seamless Copper fin tube,not only has high heat transfering performance,also can stand high pressure.
√ Can processed into any shape and size by your design,customized dimension is accepted.

Feature :

1) Materials can be copper, Alloy copper, Aluminum etc.
2) Performances: high-efficiency, energy-saving, endurable in use,eco-friendly and materials-saving.
3) Processes: Extruded processes, no welding processes.
4) The Fin height reaches 10~15mm.
5) The surface area ratio-outside to inside reaches 8~15.
6) Providing series of finned tubes for heat exchanger such as finned tube, finned coil tube, dual finned coil tube.
7) Widely used in petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry,power industry, food, maritime, home appliances such as refrigerator and air-ondition, automobile industry etc.
8) Large volume, high quality, most competitive price and excellent services.
9) OEM are available according to drawings and/or samples.
10) Sold well in U.S.A, Germany etc.
11),Can be welded with flange at the bottom.

Application :

  • Steam air heater / steam radiator
  •  Boiler economizers;
  • Coolers and heaters
  • Thermal fluid air heater / thermal fluid radiator
  • Hot water air heater / hot water radiator
  • Air heater for fluid bed dryers
  • Air heater for spray dryers
  • Air heater for flash dryers
  • Air heater for dryers
  • ……

Usually,you need to send us the drawing or tel us the requirements.We accept small order.

Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fin Coil Heat Exchangerfin-coil-tube-spiral heat-exchangerfin-tube-immersion-heat-exchangerFinned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger

fin-tube-inner smooth fin-tube-inner corrugated

finned tube single and double coil Finned-Tube-Double-parallet-coilDRAWING FOR Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger


 How to purchase “Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger”

  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized size and production;
  • More types of  Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

General Knowledge on “Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger”

Finned tube can be divided into two types:wrapped coil finned tube and Extruded Finned Tube.

wrapped-coil-finned-tubeWrapped coil finned tube: In order to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, usually add fins on the tube surface, increasing the outer surface area (or internal surface area) of heat transfer tube , so as to improve heat transfer efficiency purposes.

wrapped coil finned tube is made by using the most advanced CNC machine so that the L-shaped fin tube segment binding force in the best condition by digital control, trapezoidal cross-section and heat flux distribution formed rolling size consistency, saving material on the basis of greatly improved thermal efficiency, eliminate

A string of films finned tube segment gap can not be eliminated due brought thermal contact resistance.

Features: winding process, high production efficiency, from the uniform slices, heat resistance, wing of the ratio, the base tube can be protected from air attack.

Application: mainly used in petrochemical, power, paper, tobacco, construction and other industries heating air coolers, air heaters.


fin-tube-inner smoothExtruded finned tubes is that the iron,copper or aluminum tubes are compound and then rolled out through the fins, with a combination of tight, low thermal resistance, good heat resistance, high strength, low flow loss, corrosion resistance strong, long-term cold hot conditions not easily deformed, the advantages of long working life.
Overall rolling fin smooth burr, easy to clean, easy to make the appearance of condensate When fins wet cooling in heating and air conditioning engineering, heating and drying in the other heat exchanger applications, surfaces are anodized, nice color and can effectively prevent surface corrosion.
Aluminum rolling finned tubes made from rolled aluminum whole, non-contact thermal resistance, high strength, thermal shock and mechanical vibration, thermal expansion properties, and has a considerable expansion of the heat transfer surface, this finned tubing the heat effect leading to a string around a piece of sheet or heat exchanger. According to user needs, processing a variety of steel around the finned tubes, steel-aluminum finned tube.

For extruded finned tubes,our company uses single-metal single-metal pure copper and its alloy to make high-efficiency finned tubes that can be processed into single-layer coils and double-layer coils of various shapes to meet the requirements of good application efficiency. The finned tube has internal corrugations to aid in turbulence of the medium within the tube. Can be widely used in applications where space is limited.

The main specifications of the currently available finned tubes that can be used for coil processing are as follows: 

Outer diameter: greater than 19mm

Inner diameter: greater than 12.5mm

Sheet spacing: 2.3mm

Fin thickness: 0.3mm

Fin height: greater than 3mm

Bottom wall thickness: greater than 0.75mm

The main specifications of the currently available high finned tubes are as follows:

Outer diameter: greater than 26mm

Inner diameter: greater than 14mm

Sheet spacing: 2.3mm

Fin thickness: 0.3mm

Fin height: greater than 5.5mm

Bottom wall thickness: greater than 1.0mm

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  • Sondre

    Interested in double coil. Please contact for specs.

  • Dwayne Germain

    I am interested in your finned coil copper tubing! I am in the distillery business and would like to build some condensers with the tubing! Primarily 1/2 inch can you please send me a price list please? Thank you!

    Dwayne Germain


    PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW CAN WE PROCEED TO BUY SOME OF YOUR Finned Tube Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger?.

  • Troy Gehrett

    Hello,I am interested in your finned copper tubing. I am working on an application where I need to create a compact heat exchanger coil using copper but need it to have an extended surface. Can you send me a sample of the finned tubing? If not can you send me information on the dimensions (fin height, fins per inch, tube ID)? Also I am interested in pricing. I can send some drawings of what I have in mind for the coil.
    Best regards.

  • Julius

    Good day,
    As I can see you are producing wide range of heat exchangers. I am interested in finned tube coils which can be used in CO2 systems for subcritical conditions.
    Can you offer something? Please contact me and I will give more information.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Where can I buy in Canada some of double coil finned copper coils? Or can I buy per unit at your place by sending the specs required?


    Carlos Lopez


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