Fin dust brush for air conditioner


After spray chemical liquid onto the coil fins or plastic shells,you need to use this brush to clean. With this Fin dust brush for air conditioner,the dust scaled onto the fins can be loosen easily.And then,you can use High Pressure Cleaning Equipment to flush the object.Finally,you will get a clean and fresh air from your air conditioner.

Material: PP plastic handle and Nylon brush;

Color: Random;

Best Feature: Moderate soft brush to assure best protect on the aluminium fins;

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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This brush is designed for cleaning air conditioning condensers, evaporators,indoor unit air filters, outdoor unit shell

Dimension: long 8cm, wide 4.0cm,Handle long 9cm,Bristles long 3.0cm

Cleaning evaporator fins:

Fin dust brush for air conditioner 2

Cleaning indoor plastic shell:


Cleaning air filter:


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