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Description: Filling Valve,Charging needle valve

Used for system vacuuming and filling of refrigerant, connecting control components such as pressure control

Place of origin:China

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Charging needle valveFilling Valve,Charging needle valve 2

Type A:

1/4″,wall thickness 0.35mm,total length 63mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.35mm,total length 115mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.35mm,total length 125mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.5mm,total length 90mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.6mm,total length 122mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.6mm,total length 128mm;
1/4″,wall thickness 0.7mm,total length 120mm;

Outer diameter : 6.35mm (1/4″)

Material : copper TP2+ brass

Copper content : 99.99% copper, 53% brass – 55%

Scope of application : maintenance of refrigerators, air conditioning and refrigeration, air energy water heaters, plumbing hardware, construction machinery, refrigeration equipment, etc.

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The needle valve connection leads are all 6mm diameter copper tubes. In order to vacuum and refill the refrigerant, it is convenient to use brazing on the low pressure thick pipe. It can be installed on the pipe in the following two ways:

1: Use a drill bit with a thickness of 4-5mm to drill a hole in the upper tube from bottom to top. When drilling, try to avoid that there is no copper scrap falling into the pipe, then slightly expand the hole and follow the cooling. The flow direction of the agent is obliquely inserted into the needle valve for welding, and the insertion depth is not too deep, so as not to affect the flow rate of the refrigerant;

2: Cut off the thick pipe, solder a tapered tee, and then weld the needle valve on the tee.

Remarks: The above two methods,the second one is recommended to be safe and reliable, which will not affect the refrigerant flow rate, nor will it cause drilling debris to enter the system. Remember to remove the inner thimble and cap when welding the needle valve. Burn the seal parts at high temperatures.

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