Fiberglass insulation pipe

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Fiberglass insulation pipe

Fiberglass insulation pipe


1. water resistance,
2.thermal insulation.
3.heat insulation and heat perservation
4.Improve pipe and duct work efficency

Technical Parameters

1) For:Pipe insulation
2) American standard
3) Density:32-96kg per cubic meter
4) Thickness:25-100mm

Conductivity Coefficient 0.036W/M.K0.042W/M.K

Fiber diameter 6 um

Heat resistance coefficient 1.16-2.56M2.K/M

Non-combustibility A1(nonflaming)

Water absorprion 0.2%

Water repellent rate 99%

Corrosion resistance Nice chemical stability

Moldy resistance capacity No poison No mildew

Sound insulation coefficient 500HZ 1.13–1.22

1000HZ 1.09-1.06

2000HZ 1.04-1.00

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  1. Orbit

    what is the difference in between fiberglass and cellulose insulation witch is much better

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