Far infrared electric heating plate

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Application characteristics of far-infrared high-temperature radiation heating:
1. Good for human health, speed up metabolism and promote blood circulation;
2. The heat energy is directly in contact with the human body in an open type emitted by the country.;
3. It has strong penetration, direct access to the patient’s surname, and has a physiotherapy effect.;
4. Heat energy is easily absorbed by the human body and can achieve calcium supplementation;
5The heating method is similar to that of lighting, evenly spread out and evenly heated;
6. Infrared radiation avoids the generation and spread of bacteria in the air.


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1.Safety of operation: silent, no visible light, no wind, no floating objects, and clean air.
2.Energy saving: electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy, and the heat conversion rate is as high as 99% or more.
3.Good heat dissipation: the surface of the electric heater is oxidized at high temperature, which is high temperature resistant, does not deform, and does not change color.
High-quality aluminum lock alloy. It has good thermal conductivity, large area, uniform heating, and a layer on the surface.
The far-infrared coating can increase the thermal effect by 10%.
4.Long service life: Because there is no fan, there are no wearing parts such as bearings, carbon brushes, and motors. not
There are phenomena of running, thunder, dripping, and leaking.
5.Fast heating up: electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy, and the heat loss is small. It takes 5-10 minutes to turn on at room temperature.
The temperature of the clock surface can reach about 300 degrees.
6. Good thermal insulation: Because of the high temperature, the heat dissipation capacity will be retained for a certain period of time during shutdown.
7. Wide range of applications: it can be used under various harsh conditions (including extremely cold and high heat).、
In the case of wind, sand, dust, humidity, vacuum, and sterility).
8.Easy to install: Because it is lightweight and does not take up space, it is lightweight and can be installed at will.
9.Intelligent temperature control: you can install a thermostat and a time controller at will (not to be installed in the electric heater itself).
10.Directional radiation: it can heat specific objects to achieve local heating.
11. Long radiation distance: effective distance 3. 2 meters, the optimal distance is 2.2-2. 6 meters.
12.Health and environmental protection: When far infrared rays transmit heat, the disturbance of air is extremely low, which will release easily absorbed by the human body.
It can activate human cells, improve microcirculation and promote metabolism.
13.There are many suitable places: hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, bathing, shopping malls, corporate units, and railway stations.、
Factories and other courtyards and indoor heating

How do you feel when using an infrared radiation heater?
The feeling of infrared radiant electric heaters is very different from that of traditional convection heaters. The former feels like basking in the sun in autumn. The indoor air is refreshing and fresh. In the latter, if the temperature is high, the valve will be annoying and dry, such as temperature.
When the degree is low, it is cold and dry, which is completely the feeling of two “worlds”. Therefore, we must remember that we cannot experience the traditional conditioned reflex that the heating effect is achieved as long as the heat hits the face.
Infrared. The feeling of far-infrared heating is that the air in the room is refreshing or cool and people feel warm. This is the most ideal heating environment for human beings.

Working principle of infrared radiation heater:
The heating principle of an infrared radiation heater is achieved by the transmission of infrared radiation. Radiation is a form of electromagnetic wave transmission to space during the emission process, and radiant energy is an inherent characteristic of all matter. The substance is
It is composed of elementary particles such as electrons, atoms, and electrons. When the electrons inside the nucleus are excited and vibrated, alternating electric and magnetic fields are generated. Emits electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space, due to excitation and vibration
The wavelengths of electromagnetic waves generated by different modes of movement are different, and the effects of projection on objects are also different. Electromagnetic wave propagation caused by the excitation of the object’s own temperature or thermal motion. It becomes thermal radiation,
Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of micrometers become thermal rays. Then projected onto the object, a thermal effect is produced. If the temperature of the radiator is below 2000K, the thermal radiation is mainly infrared radiation, and infrared radiation can be divided into
It is 0.76-4 micron near-infrared radiation, 4-1000 micron far-infrared radiation, of which 5.76-4 micron near-infrared radiation, 4-1000 micron far-infrared radiation, of which 5. Infrared radiation of 6-15 microns has a particularly important effect on human health. It is called a “lifeline” by scientists.
The series of infrared radiation electric heaters we produce only produce thermal radiation when energized, and do not produce high-frequency radiation. There is neither ultraviolet light nor visible light. The wavelength is 6. 5 microns is in the range of “lifeline”.
The thermal radiation produced is not only harmless to the human body, but also can improve the body’s microcirculation and benefit health, improve human immunity, and benefit health.

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