Fan Grill Cover,Fan Metal Guard Cover



Item: Fan Grill Cover,Fan Metal Guard Cover

Short Description: is widly used as heat exchanger.Installed two fans,blowing air to take away heating/cooling energy from the flowing liquid in the micro aluminium tubes;With very high heat exchanging effience.

Material: Metal wire;

Dimension: 85(L) x61(W) x 25(H) MM,with OD9.5 MM inlet & outlet;to install one cooling fan;155(L)x61(W)x25(H)MM,with OD9.5 MM inlet & outlet;to install two cooling fan;

Place of Origin: China

Models & Details for “Fan Grill Cover,Fan Metal Guard Cover”

Product Features:

  • Specifications: See below chart;
  • Aluminium frames,very solid;It has excellent heat exchanging performance;
  • Aluminum fins,with 17-20fins per inch,with very high heat exchanging effience;
  • Microchannel design, the gap is 0.2mm only,has top quality heat exchanging performance;
  • Can change the direction of the spout according to customer requirements;
  • Parts are brazing sealed as a whole to make sure no leakage;
  • Black eco-friendly painting, improving heat transfer efficiency, surface color can be customized according to customer`s requirement;
  • Suitable for computer CPU water cooling, industrial variable frequency drives, laser head cooling, air conditioning evaporator,industrial control cabinets cooling,and other heat exchanging purpose;

Main technical parameters on Water Cooling Radiator for installing 1pc 60mm cooling fan:

Fan Grill Cover production,Fan Metal Guard Cover equipments

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  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  Fan Grill Cover,Fan Metal Guard Cover are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Fan Grill Cover,Fan Metal Guard Cover”

Lowered flow rate.
Higher rate and more unstable coolant flow, with assistant boosted warmth transfer coefficient.
Intermediate delta-T between the coolant and also air movement on the second pass.Permit to take a closer check out why all this is so and also exactly what it suggests to our cooling system performance.
Lots of people mistakenly believe that a dual-pass radiator cools down better considering that the coolant “experiences the rad twice” and as a result “spends much longer in the rad and cools much more”. We understand that this is not the situation, due to the fact that “time spent in the rad” is not a defining factor of just how well a rad cools down, which flow, disturbance, and also delta-T have a much higher result on cooling down efficiency compared to time. On top of that, there are an excellent several components of radiator style, consisting of tube width, tube height, number of tubes, tube building, and also fin count that, in addition to move design, all integrate to identify the cooling performance of a radiator.So, the inquiry is – does a dual-pass rad awesome far better or even worse compared to a single cross-flow rad?The answer is “it depends”. To understand why this is the case, we should recall the principles of Pump Efficiency Curve as well as Total amount System Pressure Decrease and also apply them to the dual-pass rad to view exactly what is happening.We already recognize that stress and circulation are related, and also as a result exactly how increasing the efficient length of the cooling tubes with a dual-pass rad boosts pressure decrease (backpressure).If we check out the pump performance contour, we could also see just how the enhanced head called for by the increased backpressure of the dual-pass rad additionally creates a reduction in circulation because the pump constantly executes somewhere on its curve, and given that its head has actually improved, the flow it produces will certainly be much less. The complying with diagram illustrates the principle, but once again the values are not meant to be depictive of any type of real-world disorders (I merely made them approximately highlight the principle).

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