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Fabric air duct system

Item:Fabric air duct

Brief Description: Fabric air duct system,the best concept for air distribution, is a new HVAC air ducting system which use fabric pipe to deliver cooling or heating air to a place.It already developed a best chice to decrease your duct cost and help you to win duct project.The fabric duct system has many benefits including easy installation,easy DIY cleaning and maintenance,low cost,etc. The duct system is flexible and lightweight ,widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels,entertainment exhibition, theater, school,hospital,office and other public places,sports venues,Factories,greenhouse,and Underground garage,etc.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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fabric duct shape choices with or without inner supporting system With or Without insulation AIR OUTLET MODEL SELECTION Duct Component Fitting fabric color options hanging lines Cable Hanging system

Fabric Material performance:

Fabric Material performance

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We are inventor and leading desinger of fabric air duct for HVAC system in China,accepting to custom various of duct. All of our fabric air ducts are accept to custom made. Send us your drawing for air duct project and we can fabricate the duct system with fabric technology for HVAC system,air conditioning, evaporative cooling,dehumidification, heating, and ventilation,etc. Our fabric air ducts along with being tailor made for your application are cost effective and lowest price, eco-friendly for the environment, and aesthetically pleasing in the project.  Thank you!

How to order “Fabric air duct,Textile ventilation duct ”
  • The Fabric air duct is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Pls indicate us the quantity you need,and it`s better to provide project drawing,so that we can calculate the shipping charges;
  • Please contact us to email: or ;
General Knowledge on “Fabric air duct,Textile ventilation duct”

1, Fabric air duct  has many distinctive benefits,such as following:

cooling air blasting

• Evenly distribute cooling air
• Very less noise produced
• Lightweight for easy to take
• Wide application areas
• Improved air quality and comfortable feeling
• No condensation water
• Quiet working
• Resistant to vibrations
• Low material cost
• Low installing cost
• Colorful choice
• DIY installing and DIY cleaning
• Convenient maintenance
• Shorten the duct project time


2, Benefits for Fabric air duct:


Fabric Air Ducting System have many advantages and benefits as following:
1,Wide application can be used in supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels,entertainment exhibition, theater,
school,hospital,office and other public places,sports venues,Factories,greenhouse,Underground garage,etc.
2,Draft-free.One of the major advantages,and the initial reason for developing fabric-based duct systems, is the absence of
any draft. The system also meets all functional requirements for hygiene, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.
3,Comfortable feeling and Improved Air Quality.Large wind area, large air volume,but low wind speed, no hair feeling,
excellent comfort feeling;the system blows wind through the entire wall of the fiber gap or uniformly distributed multi-row
holes.Uniform air distribution for each point, to achieve the desired overall blasting to get overall cooling;
4,No condensation water.Cooling wind penetrates from the overall fiber pipe,almost no temperature difference between inside
and outside, so completely solve the condensation water problem;
5,Easy to Maintain,DIY Cleaning.It is washable,are easily removed and reinstalled when cleaning is necessary.Easy to uninstall. you can easily wash it and cleaning it quickly, all can be done by DIY,to improve the quality of indoor air;
6, Light-weight.The fabric duct system is composed by fiber, with very light weight, about 1/40 of traditional metal air
system,it is very good to install for the roof.which doesn`t has non-load-bearing capacity;
7, Quiet and Resistant to vibrations.The material is soft, running low wind speed.Itdoes not produce and deliver resonance,
improve environmental quality.
8, Colorful.a variety of colors can be choosed.It can keeps indoors in any environment in harmony with the style. Meanwhile,
the system and the color can be completely personalized and customized designs.we can personalize your your company logos on
9, Top-easy installation.the system is made ??of soft materials,no need calibration when installs.It is
portable,Lightweight, flexible, simple, and easy to installat and take. to install.It can be reused in all kinds of
places.So,it is the best choice for some temporary ventilation places;
10, Low material cost.The fabric duct system is more simple than conventional air supply system , it can replace various
components of traditional air supply piping, dampers, diffusers, accessories and insulation materials such as a single
product. Save the total system cost
11,Lower operating costs.Lower equipment costs, reduced installation costs, structural savings
12, Improved Productivity and Shorten the duct project time.the system uses a dedicated supporting rope suspension device or
aluminum rail system, simple and quick installation, installation time is only one tenth of the traditional system, greatly
shortening the project time.
13. … …

3, Installation of fabric air duct

Ducting becomes so easy with  fabric air duct.  Simply just hange the included tension steel cable wire from one end of the house to the other end and attach section of  fabric air duct to the steel cable wire by using the included clips. Using the supplied lock-down strap attach one end of the fabric air duct to your top plenum on your Indoor Air Handler. That`s all! It’s that easy! You can add additional duct lengths by using the ducts’ built-in zipper system. The kit comes as a complete package with everything you’ll need to setup your duct.

If you consider time, efficiency and overall design into the duct project cost, there is no better solution for distributing air than fabric air duct!

4, Application areas of Fabric air duct


1, supermarkets, shopping malls, entertainment and other commercial areas ;
2, exhibition, theater, school,hospital,office and other public places ;
3, sports venues
4, Factory of electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, printing and other industrial plants
5, liquid food plant
6, solid food plant
7, greenhouse for vegetables, fruit, flowers
8, hotels
9, Underground garage

Home>>Ventilation Material>>Air Ducts>>Fabric air duct,Textile ventilation duct( for Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning and Dehumidification)

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    Please provide more information on options and how to order Fabric air duct.

  • Dalton B. Barnoff

    Re:fabric duct. We are looking at representing your products in Eastern Canada. We are celebrating our 69th year in business. We have over 200 stocking distributors of our products. We have many references of our overseas suppliers. We are an OEM.
    We manufacture Flexible and Rigid duct for the HVAC trade and for Chimney re-lining systems, in Stainless Steel and Aluminum, as well as all the associated fittings.
    I look forward to communications with you.
    With kind regards,
    Dalton B. Barnoff
    Ps: our website is under construction, but I would be more than pleased to send you our Catalogue, for your perusal.

  • Claude Beaule

    We have a fogging system to distribute our odor destroyer in winter conditions. In consist of air flow with micro size droplets in suspension. Most applications require a perforated ducting varying in length from 50m to 200m.

    To give you a general idea, because every site is different, our fogging sections are mostly linears and suspended to existing structure like fences or poles.

    I Understand that you have numerous parts for elbows, transitions or end of ducts, perforated sections or non perforated sections. We want to establish a long term Relationship with our fabric ducting supplier, it’s not a one time purchase deal here.

    We also have to adjust our venting system to your minimal inflating pressure requirements and maximum pressure. The air flow rate is mostly constant in our systems and we vary and adjust the fogging agent suspended droplet concentration.

    The product used for fogging is alcohol based.

    I would greatly appreciate if you may send us information about the sizing specs for perforations and flow rates along with standard sizes for duct and perforations (we don’t want to ask you for material that is off standard).

    When sending your quote, please include details of prices per item and linear cost.

  • Claude Beaule

    We, OEM requires a textile fabric duct to include in odor destroyer diffusion systems.

    Required specs: 150mm dia, 200mm dia. and 300mm dia. UV resistant, to be installed outdoor, cold resistant down to -30C, still flexible at -30C.

    Total length per system varies from 150m to 200m continuous lengths.

    Please send price quotation and availability for this use.


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