Evaporative cooling pad

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Evaporative cooling pad

The Evaporative cooling pad are designed with a cross-fluted configuration, which induces highly turbulent mixing between the water and the air inside the pad; the air is bent at angles designed to maximize the evaporative efficiency while offering the leastrestriction of airflow.

1) Corrugated paper has high intensity structure,
service life
2) Fine percolating and absorbing water to ensure drip wet the wall
3) Specific stereoscopic structure. It can provide the largest
evaporative between weather and air
4) Outer frame can be alternative of aluminum alloy, PVC and galvanized board

Working principle

according to the natural phenomena:”heat is absorbed when water is evaporated, and effciency of evaporation depends on evaporation area.” when the hot air gose through the evaporative cooling pad, heat is largely absorbed by water evaporation. thus, temperature reduction is achieved. we have evaporative 7090 and 5090 with different sizes, and the below table is for your reference.

principle for Evaporative-cooling-pad

Cooling hot air is drawn by fan through the Evaporative cooling pad paper, the water of water film will absorb the heat in air and evaporate, taking away large amount of heat. Thus, the temperature of air going through the wetand cool air comes in house. After mixing with indoor hot air, exhausted by fans, and during cooling, increases the amount of oxygen in air, makes indoor air fresher, and improves air quality in working environment.

The cross-fluted design makes the pad strong, self-cleaning and self-supporting with high evaporative efficiency and low-pressure drop (resistance to airflow). The unique system used for cooling pads allow the manufacture of custom flute angle designs.

Production-of-Evaporative-cooling pad




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    What is the price of your evaporative pad per m2 ? We need it for a greenhouse with 500 m2 area but the size of pad has not been calculated yet.
    Also as I need to attache your price to our accountants please send me your offer in a formal document format of your company.
    Our company is a startup company with limited budget so please give me your price with the highest possible discount.
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