Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A

Item: Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A

Breve Descripción: Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A is always used to control air conditioner system and heat pump system,working two modes:cooling and heating,with two temperature sensor heads.English language version.

Important Features:See following description

Lugar de origen: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Advantage :

√ Multi function all in one.
√ Smart and advanced.
√ Universal for different brand air conditioner.
√ With cooling and heating function.

Característica :

  • the LED backlight display panel, large screen, large, luxurious style.
  • power indicator light is built-in the power button, easy to identify the system state.
  •  five operating modes: automatic, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation, heating.
  • Four Winds options: high winds, stroke, low wind, automatic air.
  •  three sensor head design: coil protection, precise temperature control, automatic defrost efficient.
  • two kinds of air direction control: automatic, manual.
  • power-off memory, power-on start automatically.
  • the auxiliary heating function.
  • anti-cold wind function when heating .
  • timer switch function.
  • the sleep function.
  • the outdoor fan control function alone.
  •  compressor 3 minutes delayed protection
  • forced start function when turned off.

Aplicación :
This product is widely used for air conditioner system and heat pump system,to control the system working automatically.








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4 Inquires to Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A

  1. My QD-U12A is installed in my roof under black slate. In the subtropics the temperature can get up to 45C in Summer.
    If my ceiling temperature (Probe in duct temperature with no air flow) is above 36C, I can not start my air conditioner.
    If the temperature in the home is 30C and I switch on the air conditioner, it comes on and cools the home. When the temperature drops in the home to say 24C but in the ceiling the temperature is say 40C, then I can not switch off the compressor. The only way I can switch it off is to cut the power at the distribution board. When I switch on the power, I can not start the air conditioning compressor until my ceiling temperature falls below 36C in the night.
    What is the reason for this? is there a solution?

    • QD-U12A controller is an indoor PCB board. You should not have installed the QD-U12A controller in the roof. The best solution to your problem is to relocate the controller indoors, preferably inside the A/C indoor unit; or you can install it in an enclosure next to the A/C indoor unit. You will see a much better performance.

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