Digital thermostat controller model XH-W3002

Digital thermostat controller model XH-W3002

Description: Digital thermostat controller wall mounted type
Test range: -50-110 ℃
Control range: -50-110 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.2 ℃;
Temperature controllingt accuracy: 0.1 ℃;
Input Power: DC12V/DC24V,AC240V;
Output:120W,240W,1500W. MAX.10A
Size: 60 *45*31mm

Lugar de origen: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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XH-W3002 02

Product name: Microcomputer temperature controller
Product model: XH-W3002
Temperature measurement range: -50~110°C
Temperature range: -50~110°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.2’c
/Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1°C
Measurement input: NTC10K ,L=1 meter waterproof probe
Input power supply: 12/24/220V
Output power: 120/240/1500W
Output type: direct output
Output capacity: maximum 10A
Mounting hole pitch: 73mm (aperture 4mm)
Appearance size: 60*45*31mm

XH-W3002 03

XH-W3002 04

Reminder: 12V/24V power supply, DC is required
Power supply
Note: This model is a direct output, so it is inputting
When the outbound end is not connected to the load.
Power on carefully to prevent output short circuit and ignition

XH-W3002 05

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XH-W3002 08

Common fault analysis:
When setting the heating mode, if the set temperature value is accidentally set upside down, the output indicator light will not light up and the negative cut will not work.
After setting, if the above situation occurs, you can check if the set temperature value has changed.
How to restore factory settings?
When powered on, press and hold the up and down buttons for about 3 seconds at the same time. After the digital tube displays 888, it will automatically jump.
After the temperature is detected, the factory settings are restored successfully.
LLL ::
Digital tube display LLL
If the digital tube displays LLL during use, it means that the sensor is faulty. Overhaul the sensor.,
Or replace the sensor.
Digital tube display HHH
If the digital tube displays HHH during use, it means that the detected temperature exceeds the measurement range, but
To change the use environment.

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Working principle on “Digital thermostat controller model XH-W3002"

The working principle of the thermostat: the thermostat probe senses the temperature. For example, if you set 10°C-20°C, then the probe will be powered on if the temperature is lower than 10°C , and power off if it is higher than 20°C, The temperature control itself does not have the function of heating and cooling. It controls the work of your electrical appliances by measuring the temperature.

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