All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof Robot with video

All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof Robot with video

Item: All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof  Robot with video,for Factory`s Rectangular Air Duct Cleaning

Breve Descripción: An innovative duct cleaning equipment with function dust cleaning,dust suction,all functions in one device. Using contacting Negative Pressure vacuum cleaning methods, no need plugging and site protection, to complete an one-time job of duct cleaning and dust suction. To clean small and medium rectangular duct, particularly suitable for air ducts in factory and production places, also is good to cleaning flat-type duct.Improve your duct cleaning effience.The best difference with “All-In-One Duct Cleaning Equipment With Video” is that Explosion-proof Robot has function of Explosion-proof ,it can be used to cleaning the duct where has “metal powder,plastic powder,wooden pellet,feeding stuff,flour,leather,rubber,texitle material,Petroleum and other flammables and explosives materials”.And so,the explosion-proof robot is alwasy used to cleaning factory`s duct.

Special Feature:Dust cleaning And dust suction built in one device;explosion-proof design to clean factory`s duct safely.

Dust Type: Can cope with the duct where is full of flammable and explosive materials & dust;

Lugar de origen: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof  Robot with video”

Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof Robot All-in-one Duct Cleaning Controlling device

Universal Air Duct Cleaning Equipment-All In One


Technical parameters Work for:
Controlling &Dust Collecting Device Robot
Working Voltage:AC 220V Weight:17.6kg For height 200mm≤duct height≤800mm
Dust Collecting Motor Power:3000W Speed:11.12M/min
Max. Negative Pressure:22KPa Working Distance:≤30m Duct type Circular□  Rectangular▇
Horizontal ▇  Erect□
Camera Resolution Ratio:600lines Climbing capacity:< 40°  Dust type Explosion dust; Non-oily dust
Voltage:DC 24V Min. Cleaning Height:200mm
Brush Wide:  150mm,300mm,400mm
1、Crawler-type,Stable to walk; 2、All in one,no need other devices; 3、Electric self-sweep type brush,good at cleaning dust
4、Min. working height is only 150mm,can clean most of flat type ducts. 5、High-Resolution Ratio infrared camera,clear. 6、Smart Design,Lightweight,no-need to open a special hole,you can put it from a standard air outlet(300x300mm)into the duct.
How to operate “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof Robot with video”

Multi-function.One unit with function of  clearing duct,sucking dust,video monitor monitoring,all in one;

Universal Air Duct Cleaning Equipment-All In One a6 a8

Operarion procedures. Operation on this device is very easy and a non-professional worker can operate it easily and quickly.Procedures are as following:

1),Take out the cleaning robot from the bottom;
2),Connect robot and dust collector with pipe;
3),Connect electric wire to power plug;
4),Put the robot into the duct;
5),Start clearing and suction.


All In One Air Duct Cleaning Equipments

a11 a12Explosion-proof Robot detailscleaning effect

Buying Guide to “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Explosion-proof Robot with video”
  • The Equipment  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The equipment is made with explosion-proof materials,therefor it is more expensive than commen robot;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Aceptar el pedido en bloque con la entrega de Contenedores;
  • More duct cleaning devices,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite one you need.
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