Air Duct Ozone Disinfection Equipment

Air Duct Ozone Disinfection Equipment

Item: Air Duct Ozone Disinfection Equipment

Breve Descripción: This product is air purification disinfection equipment for central air conditioning and ventilation ducts. The internal ozone generation equipment use the latest devices and a variety of protection circuits, with excellent performance and extremely long working life, can be widely used in various large-scale wind after the pipe cleaning where required to be sterilized places.
Features: light weight, convenient and efficient disinfection, non-corrosive, non-irritating odor

Types: Disinfection ozone: 10g,20g,30g / h

Lugar de origen: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Working Voltage: AC 220V ;
Noise: ≤ 50db;
Power: 230W ;
Disinfection ozone: 1 \ 2 \ 30000MG / h ;
Disinfection and purification rate: 99.99% ;
Efficiency: ≤ 300 \ 600 \ 1000 m / h ;
Working mode: air source ozone ;
Weight: ≤ 10KG ;
With castors,Portable:

Aplicación :
This machine is widely used for duct cleaning project.It let you easily do with all types(rectangle or round,big or small,high or low) ventilation air conditioner duct,air purification disinfection,save working time and improve cleaning effect.

Ozone Disinfection procedure-1 Ozone Disinfection procedure-2 Ozone Disinfection procedure-3 Ozone Disinfection procedure-4

Space cubic Disinfection time setting
30-60m³ 20minutes
60-150m³ 40minutes
150-240m³ 60minutes
>240m³ >60minutes
Buying guide to “Air Duct Ozone Disinfection Equipment ”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • El elemento requiere una gran embalaje dimensión,por lo tanto,requiere de mucho peso del volumen.El lugar de origen se encuentra en China,cuando usted compra uno o dos,por favor considere la posibilidad de transporte de mercancías(por aire o por mar) en el costo;
  • Aceptar el pedido en bloque con la entrega de Contenedores;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
  • If you want to do duct cleaning project,it is your best choice.

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