Air conditioner steam cleaner,Economical type

air conditioner steam cleaner

Item: Air conditioner steam cleaner,economical type

Breve Descripción: AC cleaning steamer. It is a machine to use high temperature and high pressure steam to spray hot steam onto the fin of air conditioner,and thus to decompose and remove the scaled dirt on the condernser and evaporator.It is a complete 100% safe way to clean air conditioner,no chemical material required.Very good cleaning result and high efficient.As it comes with a soft pipe and gun type sprayer,is very easy to clean small space in air conditioner.Widly used for air conditioner maintenance.

Feature:  Voltage: 220-240V,50Hz;Power:900W-1050W;Water Capacity: 250ml;Steam flow: 28g/min;Steam Pressure: 3Bar;Thermostat working at 135℃.

Lugar de origen: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Advantage :

√ 100% pure physical method to clean air conditioner,no chemical material required.
√ Hand type,easy to take and operate;

Dimension and Parameter:
Voltage: 220-240V,50Hz;
Water Capacity: 250ml;
Steam flow: 28g/min;
Steam Pressure: 3Bar;
Thermostat: 135℃
Dimension:see following photo.
Accessory: water cup,short and long sprayer.

Aplicación :
This product is widely used for cleaning air conditioner system.


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