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Air conditioner cleaning machines in SmartclimaEn venta! Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine,also names coil cleaning equipment,Air conditioner washing service tool kit. Using this pump engine device,deeply wash and clean your home and centre air conditioner units,including to wash A/C indoor unit and outdoor unit,cleaning coils , condenser fins, evaporator fins and filters,etc.It is a must-have tool for air conditioner maintenance service.

Models,Parameters and Features:

Design of tool box… For more details, please check below.

Suit for:

  • The people who want to DIY cleaning his own air conditioning ;
  • The people who want to start his own cleaning sevice for commerical purpose.
  • Air conditioner repairing worker;
  • Air conditioner maintenance and service team who has ac washing contracts or projects.

Smartclima is a professional supplier and manufacture for air conditioner cleaner in China,AC cleaning equipment  and cleaning auxiliary items,supply a complete solution for air conditioner maintenance.For cleaning machines,includes high pressure washing machines,high temperature vapor steamer,ozone sterilizer,all-in-one cleaning machine.Auxiliary tools includes washing bag,chemical liquid sprayer,fins brush,and so one. Our customer are mainly from the air conditioning service team like MITSUBISH,SAMSUNG, LG,HAIER,GREEN,CARRIER,etc

Lugar de origen:Supplier by China Manfacturer direct-sale.

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An video to clean a standard split air conditioner with our air conditioner cleaning machine.

Do you want to DIY cleaning your air conitioner?

Do you want to open a new shop to provide ac cleaning service?

Or maybe,you are going to look for a good washing tool to equip your AC cleaning service team?

Yes,Choose Smartclima ! And yes,today you’re going to learn how to clean a standard split air conditioner, how to clean a ceiling mounted type air conditioner,and how to clean a floor standing air conditioner.

First of all, please watch an video to clean a standard wall mounted air conditioner with our ac cleaning machine:

In the above video,you can learn:

1),How to disassemble a standard split air conditioner indoor unit to expose the evaporator fins for washing;

2),How to cover onto indoor unit with a bag to drain grey water;

3),How to spray the chemical liquid onto the fins and plastic parts,and how to brush the fins;

4),How to flush cleaning the fins,cross flow fan and plastic parts.

Types of equipment to clean air conditioner (on sale)

air conditioner universal cleaning machine

Air Conditioner Universal Cleaning Machine

  • Input Voltage Range from 110V-250V,50HZ-60HZ;
  • Output working voltage: DC12V,safe working.
  • Flow(Max): 5.5L/min.
  • Pressure(Max): 0.9Mpa(130psi);
  • Inlet pipe: 135cm;
  • Outlet pipe: 900cm;
  • Can process cleaning on split air conditioner,ceiling air conditioner,and floor-standing air conditioner;
  • For more details,please check here: Air Conditioner Universal Cleaning Machine


  • Air concitioner sterilizing machine(Model SCCS-02)

Air Conditioner Sterilizing MachineAir concitioner sterilizing machine(Model SCCS-02)

  • Use the Ozone technology to sterilize for indoor unit;
  • Voltage 220V,50HZ;
  • Power < 100mA;
  • Ozone: 500mg.
  • Pipe long 3meter;
  • Comes with sterilizing cover;
  • For more details,please check here: Air concitioner sterilizing machine


  • High Temperature High Pressure Steam Cleaner for air concitioner cleaning(Model SCCS-03)

Air Conditioner High Temperature Cleaning MachineHigh Temperature High Pressure Steam Cleaner for air concitioner cleaning(Model SCCS-03)

  • Use high temperature steam with high pressure to clean and sterilize for indoor unit;
  • Voltage: 220-240V,50Hz-60Hz;
  • Steam flow: 200-500ml/min;
  • Steam Pressure: 75Psi
  • Thermostat: 100℃
  • Steam outpipe: 2.2meter long;
  • For more details,please check here: High Pressure Steam Cleaner


  • Multi-function home appliance cleaning machine- (High pressure washing+ High temperature steam + Pressure Hot Water +Sterilizing)

Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine,AC Cleaning equipment 1Multi-function home appliance cleaning machine (SCCS-06B)

  • It can produce high pressure normal temperature water,high pressure high temperature steam,high pressure hot water,Ozone; It is a must-have tool for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance;
  • Voltage input: 220V;
  • Heat function: 4000W; Cold water function: 80W; Steam function: 4000W;
  • Cleaning Pressure: 0psi-115psi;
  • Machine box size: 42X28X25cm;
  • Net weight: 9kg;
  • Outlet pipe: 300cm; Inlet pipe: 150cm;
  • Power cord: 130cm;
  • For more details,please check here: Multi-function home appliance cleaning machine

Manufacturer`s Review: The model of SCCS-06B Multi-function home appliance cleaning machine build function of high pressure normal temperature water,high pressure high temperature steam,high pressure hot water,Ozone sterilize into one machine.The best advantage of this equipment is that you just need to take one machine to do many works: cleaning,washing,steaming,hot water sprayingto melt,and sterilizing.You can use it to clean air conditioner,fridge,hood range,etc…

  • All-in-one air concitioner cleaning machine- (High pressure washing + Water bucket + Sterilizing + Cleaning auxiliary tools)

all-in-one-cleaning-machine-for-air-conditioner-maintenanceAll-in-one air concitioner cleaning machine (SCCS-07)

  • Water bucket capacitor: 32L,enough water to cleaning;
  • Pump Input Voltage Range from 110-220V,50/60HZ;
  • Output working voltage: DC12V.
  • Max. Power:100W,more powerful,more pressure;
  • Max. Water Flow:8L/min.
  • Pressure: 0- 1.1Mpa, best pressure to cleaning coil fins.
  • Outlet pipe: 900cm,enough long to clean anything.
  • Comes with sterilizing function;
  • Comes with split cleaning cover for washing split air conditioner;
  • Can do with cleaning A/C indoor unit and outdoor unit;
  • All accessories are put in the bucket,easy to take.
  • For more details,please check here: All-in-one air concitioner cleaning machine

Manufacturer`s Review: Type of all-in-one incorporate high pressure water washing machine,Ozone sterlizing machine,and Cleaning Auxiliary Tool Kit into a tool box.The pressure is higher than 30% than other models.The empty tool box is also used to load water tank when cleaning air conditioner;when not use,all materials can be arranged into the bucket.Seems very professional if you want to start A/C cleaning service working,not recommed if you want to DIY cleaning.

  • Train Metro Coach AC Cleaning Machine

Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine,AC Cleaning equipment 3Train Metro Coach AC Cleaning Machine

It is designed for cleaning air conditioning system in comment train,High-speed train or metro coach.It also can be used for cleaning home air conditioner,commerical air conditioner.

It has the following features:

  1. Power source voltage: 220V;
  2.  pressure can reach max. 120Bar and it can be adjustable  from 10BAR to 120Bar;
  3.  Nozzles can be adjustable,can be fan-shaped to cover the bigger part of AC to increase working effience;
  4.  It includes universal bending nozzle;
  5. Pressure gauge can show working pressure;
  6. Out pipe long 10meters, it can be detchable,and arrange into the bucket.
  7. Outer bucket capacity 80L.
  8. Includes a grey water bucket. It has double function: when not working or finish working,arrange all materials into the bucket,and then put the bucket into the big tank. When working,it is used as collecting grey water;

How to buy the above equipments?

  • The Air conditioner cleaning machines listed above are available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Aceptar el pedido en bloque con la entrega de Contenedores;
  • Contact: [email protected] for more details and prices.
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How to clean air conditioner? (Videos)

Our Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine and accessories listed above can effectively clean air conditioner system.

This video was shot using the Model SCCS-06—-“Multifunction Intelligent Home Appliance Cleaning & Disinfection Machine” (Version 1.0). You can get the same results using the Model SCCS-01,SCCS-04B,SCCS-06B,SCCS-07. The segment with the split air conditioner,floor standing air conditioner and cassette air conditioner were shot in a private residence and in a major brand hotel.

Though this video was shot using the SCCS-06(Version 1.0), some of our other models will also do the same job.

Model SCCS-01LUX is a luxury type,which are always adopted by  big A/C Cleaning Service Team,it seems professional,and also operate quickly.

Model SCCS-01COM,the compact type,it compacts pump motor and other ecletrical parts into a small tool box,more light,more easy to take;All pipes and power cord are attached onto the outside of tool box.15s to be ready for using and 30s to recovery to inital package state,higher working effience,mainly serve for private personal or small A/C cleaning service team;

Model SCCS-07 built high-pressure spraying system with water bucket together.All cleaning auxiliary tool kit is put into the bucket.Easy to take and operate. Model D(V2.0),its biggest feature is that it can spray hot steam or hot water,and also can produce Ozone itself for disinfection on the objects,it is a “Multifunction Intelligent Home Appliance Cleaning & Disinfection Machine”,controlled by touch panel with your finger.It can cleaning air conditioner,fridge,water hotter,range hood,washing machine,water dispenser,and other home appliances.

  • How to clean a wall-mounted split air conditioner (Videos)

  • How to clean a ceiling/cassette air conditioner with ac cleaning machine (Videos)

  • How to clean a floor standing air conditioner with cleaning machine (Videos)

Helpful tips or resource on air conditioner cleaning and maintenance

AC Cleaning partsWhen do cleaning on air conditioner,most people only clean the dust filter level. In fact, this does not completely remove the pollution which is caused by the working of air conditioner. Because the filter filters only a part of the dust, some of the dust still accumulates on the heat fins through the filter and accumulates a lot of germs.

After understanding the real cause of air conditioning pollution, we can do one more step each time when we clean the air conditioner, also clean the air conditioning heat sink and disinfected while cleaning the filter, so as to effectively inhibit the breeding of the heat sink bacteria to bring pollution to the indoor air. Therefore, in the following article, we will share more comprehensive steps for cleaning the air conditioner. I hope it will be helpful to everyone who want to DIY cleaning or service team commerical cleaning air conditioners.

  • How to clean dust filter?

Open the window for entilation. Wipe the air conditioner outer shell with a rag, and then open the shell, take off the filter,use pressure water to flush washing it.Do not use detergent,and don`t brush it, just wash it directly. After washing, put it in a cool place to air dry, do not expose it to the sun, the filter is generally made from plastic and cannot withstand high temperatures.

Notice: The filter of most indoor units of air conditioners is plastic, so do not soak the filter with a detergent or disinfectant which is too oxidizing, the filter will become brittle or damaged due to oxidation.And do not use brush too hard to avoid breaking the filter. Do not use brushes or other things when cleaning, it will make the filter eyebrows larger, which will damage the filter and affect the use of the air conditioner.

  • How to clean heat excahnger-evaporator fins?

1. Cleaning part: the surface of heat exchanger. It refers to the dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of the fins of the evaporator and condenser of the coiled fin air-conditioning equipment, which are related to the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment.

2.Air supply mechanism.It refers to the coil and aluminium fins on air conditioners (except the evaporator and condenser), which are assembled into the air intake member, filter member, air supply member, air duct and hose, air outlet member, Dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of all relevant air supply mechanisms related to the air conditioning quality of the equipment, such as the condensate tray and the body shell (except for the installation of an extended air duct).

3. Cleaning tools.
(1) Air conditioner cleaning agent, plastic shell cleaning agent;
(2) Pressure air conditioner cleaning machine or equipment, cleaning cover,brush and aluminum fin comb;
(3) Cleaning cloth, screwdriver and other tools.

4. Cleaning steps
(1) First remove the air deflector and filter; remove the middle frame screws to remove the shell, remove the remote control signal receiving board; remove the temperature sensor, and remove the air deflector blades.
(2) Put on the air-conditioning cleaning cover and spray the air-conditioning cleaning agent onto the aluminum fins and onto cross flow fan,wait for some minutes;
(3) Brush fins and plastic parts, use ac cleaning machine to flush-washing every parts.

Be careful not to splash the cleaning liquid on the parts other than the air conditioner, especially the key parts such as the built-in circuit board of the air conditioner, and also avoid it when cleaning, so as to avoid short-circuiting the electric board, causing failure and affecting the use.

The cross fan is the place where the most dust and dirt are deposited. Due to the many grooves and gaps on the cross fan, the dirt is easy to gather here. Blocking the excessive dirt not only easily breeds bacteria but also affects the amount of air. Therefore, it must be cleaned as a key point, carefully brush, and finally flush-washing with a high-pressure water device.

  • How to clean the back of evaporator fins in an indoor unit?

It`s diffcult to clean the back fins to wall-mounted split air conditioner. Traditionally,people always use a water spraying device to flush it.But it`s hardly to clean the back completely.Smartclima has a better solution which is to use a flexible brush,for details,you can check here.

  • How to clean outdoor unit ?

Be careful when cleaning outdoor unit which includes more circuits.The outdoor unit of air conditioner is generally difficult to clean. It is hung outdoors, and the floors are relatively high, which is very dangerous. Although it is troublesome to clean the outdoor unit, we can not ignore the benefits of cleaning the outdoor unit. Keeping the frequency of cleaning once a year to remove and clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can effectively improve cooling effect of air conditioners ,and also improve energy saving.

When cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, first cut off the power of the air conditioner to prevent electric shock. You can directly flush-wash it with air conditioner cleaning machine, and especially flush wash onto fin-shaped aluminum foil fins. It is also necessary to rinse the right side of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner when flushing. You can also use a brush to scrub the fin-shaped aluminum foil heat sink of the outdoor unit from top to bottom.

After cleaning, check the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, and check whether the rack screws of the outdoor unit are loose. If it is loose, tighten it. If the rack is severely corroded, it should be replaced immediately. For the collapsed heat exchange fins, trim carefully with fin combs.

  • Can I use “daily detergent liquid” in home to clean air conditioner?

If you use “daily detergent liquid” to wash plastic parts like plastic shell,cross fan,louver panel,yes,you can use “daily detergent liquid”.

If wash aluminium fins on evaporator or condenser,it`s better to use professional “air-conditioning cleaning agent”.Because for any brand air conditioner,there is coating with hydrophilic layer on aluminium fins.Usually,in order to make the air conditioner fins more hydrophilic when the air conditioner is being manufactured in factory, a layer of material which names”hydrophilic layer” is sprayed on the fins.This coating can protect aluminium fins from corrosion.

  • What are the benefits of cleaning the air conditioner?

1. Regular deep cleaning with air conditioner cleaning of the inside and outside of the AC system can remove all kinds of dirt, bacteria and germs on each part of the air conditioner, effectively prevent the spread of various bacteria and viruses, and prevent various diseases.

2. Regular deep cleaning of the inside and outside of the air conditioner can eliminate the odors inside the air conditioner and the air, keep the indoor air clean and hygienic, and create a safe and healthy living environment for users.

3. Improve the cooling feeling and efficiency of air conditioners after cleaning with this machine, save more electricity costs (if every dirty air conditioner is cleaned in time, it will save about 10% -30% of household electricity), and also extend the life of air conditioners.

  • Some helpful articles concerning for air conditioner maintenance.

HOW TO CHOOSE AND MAINTAIN YOUR AC  This article introduce HOW TO CHOOSE AND MAINTAIN YOUR AC,also introduce air conditioner cleaning machines in Smartclima,it is a very well article.

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    2. Ceiling Cassettes
    3. Wall Mounted aircons

    In our building the supply supply have to come form the toilets but the toilets can be far away from the premises so it will not be feasible if we have to connect a 50m water hose from the toilet to the premises.

    Your product may be suitable for us as the bucket can hold the water while we bring the system into the premises for cleaning.

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    • Dear Sir,Smartclima,as a professional A/C cleaning service materials supplier,could supply a complete series of machines.You can check them on the above articles,choose model you need and let us know the quantity you want,and then we can quote to you.And an email already sent to your email for this business. Thank you.

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  17. hello,
    I’m from india.
    i was finding air conditioners service tools online. then i get into your website.
    i saw a video clip, read feature of it and found it very very use fool tool.
    so i want to buy it in bulk order, before that i want to check it phisically by order only one kit. so is it possible to give one kit delivery here in india??
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    • Hello,Luis. Thank you very much for your kind comments.We are happy to see that you are satisfied with our cleaning equipment,really yes,it is your best partner to clean ac system.A long water sprayer gun goes with the machine,therefore,you not only can wash indoor unit,but also can clean outdoor unit.Yes,of course,we`ll give you some discount if you order it in bulk quantity. Thanks again!

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