energy saving skills-How to save your power energy

energy saving skills-How to save your power energy

Many people begin to look at his lifes, energy conservation becomes increasingly important, it will begin to pay attention to energy-saving problems in the world, then lives bit by bit we’re about to start “” energy in the kitchen, when using a refrigerator can use lots of little tricks to save electricity.

First, when you thaw frozen foods, you can move the frozen food in the freezer to allow cold shifts into the freezer.

Second, the refrigerator water drip pipes are at the top of the refrigerator and direct channel for the exchange of outside air only, with a WAD of cotton wrapped around on the drip funnel, and then use thin rope or tape bandage, will be able to meet power saving purpose.

Thirdly, making the best arrangements of cold beverages and ice at night, this is due to less open-access food at night, shorter working hours of the compressor to save energy with greater impact.

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