Energy Saving Products

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>>Air Conditioner Energy Saver,Save A/C power 13%-20%


A revolutionary product to utilize condensate water drip to save air conditioner`s energy cosumption…

>>Air Conditioner Standy Power Saver

Air-Conditioner-Standy-Power saver

This Standy Power Saver can help your air conditioner take “0”power when it is in  in a standby mode.

>> Voltage Optimiser


Power Saver for Home, Shops …,Save up to 30% electric cost.

>>Computer Standby Power Saver


Help you to save 20% power on PC electric consumption.

>>Fax Machine Standby Power Saver

Fax Machine Standby Power Saver

Help you to save 90% power on PC electric consumption.

>>Water heater power/energy saver ,Drain Water Heat Recovery(DWHR)-capture 58% heat from drain water


A device to utilize the waste heat from drain water,help you to tocapture 58% heat from drain water…

>> Gas Energy Saver

Gas Energy Saver

Save gas by 20% gas;

>> Gas Timer

gas timer

Save gas by 15%.

>> Drain Water Recycler

Drain Water Recycler

Reclaim the used water recyclable

>> Toilet Tank Water Saver

Toilet Tank Water Saver

Put it into the toilet tank,let it help you save water

>>  Magic shower head


Reduce water flow speed and help you to save water by 60%…

>> Eco-friendly Bathing System–Simple Type


It isn`t a water heater,but it can give you a good bath with a low energy cost…

>>Door Seals For Air Conditioner Room


Prevent energy from escaping;Keep hot or cold air in the room…

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  1. i require some examples and litle bit info about energy conserving products but they have to be relatively new to the market.


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