Electronic expansion valve controller


Electronic expansion valve controller

Electronic expansion valve controller,universal version,to control all Electronic expansion valve

The main brands of electronic expansion valves for air conditioners are Sanhua, saginomiya, Danfoss, Emerson, CAREL, DunAn, Fujikoki, etc. This controller can normally drive the above each brand 5-core or 6-core wire, 12 volt, 100-2000 step electronic expansion valve, to achieve automatic adjustment of the opening degree.

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The electronic expansion valve controller for air-conditioning has advanced intelligent recognition of cooling and heating modes, intelligent control of cooling and heating superheat, and automatic judgment of the on-off state and defrost state of air-conditioning units. It has nothing to do with the original air-conditioning controller. The main board has integrated power supply, built-in intelligent electronic expansion valve driver, and comes with four-way temperature detection. Specially designed multi-channel protection switching output (exhaust temperature protection, temperature sensor failure protection) can be timely linked with the main controller of the air conditioner, using imported high-speed embedded driver chip, unique automatic half flow and offline function, can protect expansion The valve coil extends the life of the electronic expansion valve. Advanced valve body self-positioning correction technology ensures more accurate control of the electronic expansion valve, preventing misadjustment and overshooting of the electronic expansion valve of the air conditioner. As a result, the air-conditioning unit cannot operate normally! Hairun air-conditioning electronic expansion valve controller can set two working modes: manual mode and automatic mode.

The manual mode does not need to install a temperature sensor. It can be used to manually open the valve during air conditioning maintenance. The valve can be closed (evacuated and charged with refrigerant) to determine the failure point of the air conditioning unit and used as a manual valve regulator.

In the automatic working mode, the electronic expansion valve of the air conditioner can be independently adjusted. When the electronic expansion valve drive circuit of the original controller of the air-conditioning unit is faulty, the opening degree of the electronic expansion valve can be adjusted independently, so that the air-conditioning unit resumes normal operation.

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    Hi, is this card compatible with pressure transmitter?
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