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Electricity-Energy-Saver-box Electricity-Energy-Saver-box Electricity-Energy-Saver-box Electricity-Energy-Saver-box Electricity-Energy-Saver-box

The Electricity Energy Saver Box is not a device to steal electricity, not a meter controller, it depends on reducing power wire losses bit by bit, resulting in saving of reflux.Customers can sompare two months` power computiom or contrast of short circuit to test. If you hope to see the effect immediately, or need a plug to let meter reverse or slow turn or not turn please leave the page, we do not have that kind of quick energy-saving products, that is illegal advice.
1, the price is so affordable cheap, is it good advice?
Answer: We sell all good enerergy saver which effectly works.

2, the product is really saving?
Answer: I have been using for some time, and find no so much as AD said, but at least you can reduce 10% to 20%.

3, how to install the product?
Answer: Easy to install, plug it into any household power outlet on the wall, or plug it into the extend strip board, within 24 hours the entire family power currents will be fully under the control and quickly reach stable voltage, reducing the circuit losses.

4, the product will have an bad impact on household appliances?
Answer: This product is to keep stable voltage,optimize power current, to extend the service life of appliances.

5, It will be heat after long-term use ?
Answer: No, because it need to work long time, for security reasons,we do non-heat treatment.

6, What`s principle for this product?
Answer: As we all know, in order to allow power flow to long distance,the power supply company use high voltage and high current delivery methods, but in the transport process ,it may lead to many losses, in the final,this part of the power loss is paid by the end-user. The principle of energy saver box is: By regulation, optimize power current,reduce power wire losses, resulting in reflux to achieve energy-saving.That is same as the following: in the past,pouring a small flower  with a large pipe , which wasted a lot of water, but also is not good to growth of flower; Now we can provide a quality automatic faucet, the water is just enough to allow the growth of flowers needed to save a lot of water, electrical and electronic equipment as well.

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