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Item: Electric shower heads, tankless Hot Water Shower Heads

Short Description: Just as the description showing,it is a hybrid device that incorporate electric heating elements into the shower heads.This design is tankless,and can heat the flowing water instantly.The outer material is ABS plastic,safe to use.110-120 VOLTS and 3 temperatures:cold,warm and hot. Save energy,they are widely adopted in some countries,especially in South America.

Power supply: 110-120 VOLTS ,220-230 VOLTSand 3 temperatures:cold,warm and hot.

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Please note: This shower doesn`t include a wall support/tube

Electric showers have a simple electric system, working like a coffee maker, but with a larger water flow. A flow switch turns on the device when water flows through it. Once the water is stopped, the device turns off automatically.

The shower head comes with 3x temperature settings:

1. OFF = cold water,no power(use when a central heater system is available or in hot seasons.)
2. SUMMER = warm water, 3500W;
3. WINTER = Hot water, 5500 W;

You can also adjust the temperature of the water by adding more or less water to get it exactly the temperature you choose. The shower head has an automatic on/off sensor built into the unit, it only turns on when the water is running and turns off when the water is turned off.

Electric hot water shower headsINSTANT-HOT-WATER-HEATER-SHOWER HEAD

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  • This shower kit doesn`t include the wall support/tube
  • The Electric shower heads  is a better choice for bathing
  • Accept customized production,putting your logo;
  • Available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:
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    I need electrical resistence replacement for Electric shower heads, tankless Hot Water Shower Heads

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    I would like to purchase your product in bulk and would like to know about prices and procedure to get it to me. I’m from south africa and would like it shipped here
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  • Susanna Andrew

    Dear sir
    I bought one and took it to south Sudan but it is very hot in both warm and hot sides, so could you advise what i have to do or is this mean that it is damaged or has an industrial problem?

    Thanks a lot


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