EK Liquid Line Filter Drier EK-083S 084 052 164 165 etc


Supply EK Liquid Line Filter Drier,used for air conditioning cold storage heat pump system.Same size and same function as Emerson filter.Types as below:

EK-052 1/4″ with thread,long 122mm and dia.64mm;
EK-083 3/8″ with thread,long 151mm and dia.64mm;
EK-084 1/2″ with thread,long 158mm and dia.64mm;
EK-163 3/8″ with thread,long 175mm and dia.64mm;
EK-164 1/2″ with thread,long 179mm and dia.64mm;
EK-165 5/8″ with thread,long 190mm and dia.64mm;
EK-052S 1/4″ with welding end,long 113mm and dia.64mm;
EK-083S 3/8″ with welding end,long 135mm and dia.64mm;
EK-084S 1/2″ with welding end,long 137mm and dia.64mm;
EK-163S 3/8″ with welding end,long 159mm and dia.64mm;
EK-164S 1/2″ with welding end,long 160mm and dia.64mm;
EK-165S 5/8″ with welding end,long 167mm and dia.64mm;
EK-053S 3/8″ with welding end.

  • Place of origin: Made in China,export to worldwide.
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Model number
EK Liquid Line Filter Drier EК 052 083 084 163 164 165

The granular desiccant filter adopts high-quality compressed spherical desiccant, and is automatically compressed and combined with a high-density filter in a short period of time to achieve the effect of drying and filtering, which can effectively filter the remaining moisture and debris in the system.

In the refrigeration circulation system, the refrigerant before entering the expansion valve must be clean and dry, otherwise impurities will clog the expansion valve, and if there is moisture, it will cause ice blockage.(It is recommended to add a sight glass in front of the filter to observe and monitor the drying effect).

# Has the ability to dissolve pollutants such as water and acid
# Combination of drying and filtration
# Compatible with all existing new refrigerants and their mixtures
# The automatic compression device automatically fills the worn molecular sieve

EK Liquid Line Filter Drier Function and design

design of drier filter

filter specification list-01

filter specification list-02

features of drier filter

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