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The term “eco-friendly” is used to describe activities which are good for the environment. It is a shortening of “ecologically friendly,” and you may also hear terms like “environmentally friendly” or “green” used to describe similar activities. There are a range of ways in which activities can be eco-friendly, ranging from products which are constructed in an environmentally friendly way to making lifestyle changes which are designed to benefit the environment.People engage in eco-friendly activities because they are concerned about the health of the environment. Environmental issues were first pushed to the forefront of the collective consciousness in the late 1900s, when people realized that their activities were having a negative impact on the environment. Pollution, rampant use of natural resources, and other activities were questioned in light of information about how these activities hurt the environment, and people began to look into more eco-friendly ways of living and doing business.

For the love of environment, this page are dedicated to blog/website links about being Eco friendly or green. The links redirects you to sites that contains interesting blogs/websites about how to takes care of environment, features of green products, solutions for the environment and more worth blogging and nature loving articles. Want to suggest more? Contact Us and submit your link with us.

Here is listed good quality companies to supply Eco-Friendly products:

    • LivEcoFriendly – Offers a variety of eco-friendly products.
    • SKylights–  SG Eco Industries has more than 2 decades in the natural lighting industry, manufacturing high quality tubular Skylights for commercial and residential applications
    • Business Directory of England, UK – free web directory of relevant and useful web sites of United Kingdom. Free submit a site to England web directory.
    • GreenFloors.comYour source for recycled carpet, non toxic carpeting, cork flooring, linoleum flooring, and environmentally safe flooring products and information. Get free flooring samples at
    • Baby Green Genes-A non-profit organization that provides parents and expectant parents with information about birth defects and support services for their children
    • Green Progress-provides the latest green technology and environmental science news and resources. We’re interested in the ways people are developing and using technology to create a more sustainable world
    • Evergreen Engineering-services for wood products and high tech industries for biomass energy, pulp, plywood, LVL, OSB, composites, semiconductor, solar cells.














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