Eco-friendly Products


 ———Eco-friendly Temperature Devices For Summer Cooling Purpose

USB-FAN   >> Mini Cooling Fan


Water-cooling-mat   >> Water Cooling Mat


———Eco-friendly Temperature Devices For Winter Heating Purpose

USB-WARMER>> Mini Electrical Heater

CR01s CR03s CR04s CR06s >> Wood Pellet Burning Stove

Propane-Heaters>>Propane Heaters

Infrared-Heating-Panels>>Infrared Heating Panels

>>Thermo Lighting Pen

Thermo Lighting Pen (3)

Always keeping 45℃ when you writting in cold weather,warm your hand comfortablly.With pen,you can read and write clearly in dark environment

>>Hot/Cooling 12V 24V DC Hot Water Circulation Pump

Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump
If you are looking for small pump,it can save electricity 90%,compared with other water pump.

>>Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Wood-Fired Hot Tub

>>Paneless Thermodynamic Hot Water System

Paneless thermodynamic hot water system

>> Kelly Kettle


With this device, you can boil water with “0” cost

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Enquiries or Reviews

  1. Rodolfo Velazquez

    We are looking systems for promote in Mexico like the ones you have.
    Our company is dedicated to the green energies.
    We have had with som manufacturers in England but we need to be competitive on the Mexican market
    If you have interest please let us know

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