Dunan 4 Way reversing valve DSF-04 DSF-9 DSF-11 etc


Supply Dunan 4 Way reversing valve,exported by China manufacturer,export to worldwide.Always used on heat pump and air conditioning hot and cold conversion.

Models as following:

DSF-04 (8*10)
DSF-9 (10*12)
DSF-11 (12*16)
DSF-20 (12*19)
DSF-34 (19*22)
DSF(S)-34(22*28) stainless steel
DSF-38 (22*28)
DSF-50 (22*28)
DSF-70 (25*32)
Valve coil (220V)

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4 Way reversing valve is an indispensable component in refrigeration equipment, a control valve with four connections.

Working principle of 4 Way reversing valve:

Refrigeration: when the solenoid valve coil is in the power-off state, the pilot slide valve in the right side of the compression spring drive left, high-pressure gas into the capillary tube into the right end of the piston chamber; left end of the piston chamber of the gas discharge, due to the existence of the piston at both ends of the pressure difference between the piston and the main slide valve left, so that the exhaust pipe and the outdoor unit receiver connected to the other two receivers are connected to the formation of the refrigeration cycle.

Heating: the opposite

Common faults of the four-way valve include insufficient flow, poor commutation, etc.

Reasons for poor reversing:

1, coil disconnection or voltage does not meet the coil performance regulations, resulting in the spool of the pilot valve can not be actuated.

2、Due to external reasons, the pilot valve is partially deformed, resulting in the spool can not be operated.

3, due to external reasons, the pilot valve capillary tube deformation, insufficient flow, the formation of the pressure difference required for commutation and can not act.

4、Deformation of the main valve body due to external reasons, the piston is stuck and can not be operated.

5、System debris into the four-way valve piston or main slide valve jammed and can not act.

6、When brazing piping, the temperature of the main valve body exceeds 120 degrees, and the internal parts are thermally deformed and can not be actuated.

7, air conditioning system refrigerant leakage, refrigerant shortage, the pressure difference required for commutation can not be established and can not act.

8, the refrigerant circulation of the compressor can not meet the necessary flow rate of the four-way valve reversal.

9, inverter compressor speed frequency is low, the necessary flow required for reversal is not guaranteed.

10, scroll compressor so that the system produces hydraulic shock caused by the four-way valve piston is destroyed and can not act.

sell Dunan 4 Way reversing valve DSF-04 DSF-9 DSF-11 etc supplier

Also can supply valve coil:

Dunan 4-way reversing valve coil

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