Drain Water Recycler


Drain Water Recycler

Drain Water Recycler Brand: Smartclima; It has been applied patent by Smartclima.

What`s usage?

If you think the water used is too dirty, drain it out; If you think the water used is still clean,it can be recyclable,keep it ! Just move the switch,so easy!

It can seperate water.In everyday life,you use much water,and always,much water used can be collected and use again.the Drain Water Recycler has a switch,with it,you can drain those recyclable water(used) into bucket as collection to second-use purpose.You can use the second-use water for flower,gardening,for cleaning house,for flushing toilet,and so on.


It fit for all types of basin, creating a new water-saving system,to achieve full utilization of water;
* Easy installation;
* Low cost;
* Universal;
* Long service life
* Adapt to new long-flow water;
* Payback time: 1-2 months.It is a cheap but very practical water-saving product.Usually,you can take back investment within 1-2monhs depending on your water frequency to use.


Currently, the basin used in family kitchen and toilet are all connected to the straight tube/plumbe as drain water system; and modern family members has been gradually accustomed to long-flow washing water ways, it makes the second-clean water directly flow into drain pipe,which is a big waste! The device of Drain Water Recycler help you to save much water in everyday life!

So,pls use it,and it can help you to earn money!

Drain Water Recycler Drain Water Recycler Drain Water Recycler Drain Water Recycler Drain Water Recycler Drain Water Recycler

Own it ! It can help you to save money!

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  • hamza

    Hi can you please give more details on the drain water recycler product.




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