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Double-Holes Rubber Grommet Pipe Spacer For Refrigeration Compressor Pipe System Manufacturer-supplier China

Double-Holes Rubber Grommet Pipe Spacer For Refrigeration Compressor pipe system

Double-Holes Rubber Grommet For Refrigeration pipe system,rubber pipe spacerFor sale! Double-Holes Rubber Grommet Pipe Spacer For Refrigeration Compressor pipe system,Double Copper Pipe Spacer Clamp made from rubber with good flexibility performance

These rubber spacer grommet mounts are always used to mount copper pipes in the system of refrigeration for reduce or remove shocks and vibrations. As it is made from high quality rubber with good flexibility performance, it therefore can fit for copper pipes.Also named compressor Anti Vibration Pads,Refrigeration compressor pipe distancer spacer support,Air Compressor Rubber Damper spacer,compressor vibration dampener mounts,Air conditioner compressor pipe system Vibration Isolation kit,Compressor shock absorber,HVAC pipe system Rubber Feet Bumper. These rubber products are always used in refrigeration system,to mount pipes on compressor and thus avoid or reduce viberation effectively.Made from good quality rubber,anti-aged performance.

Features:Abrasion resistant;Good flexibility performance;High in strength;Perfect finish.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details for “Pipe spacer distancer support for HVAC refrigeration copper pipe system”

Compressor pipe spacer made of quality rubber with function of  Vibration Isolators Replacement Rubber Grommet ,they are specifically designed to absorb and remove the resonance sympathetic vibration from the compressors in A/C and Refrigeration system,and thus become the top-quality vibration isolation and dampening spacer for copper tube when refrigeration compressor working.

Advantage :

√ Made from advanced rubber,can stand long years and anti-aged;
√ High in strength,and no easy to break;
√ Easy to use,just around the copper tube;
√ Customizable size if you required.

Application :
This rubber Clamps are always used in refrigeration system,to mount copper pipe and thus avoid or reduce viberation from the system.Made from rubber,anti-aged performance.

Models,Dimension and Parameter:

refrigeration system copper pipe avtivibration block grommets pipe rubber spacer air conditioning system pipeline damping rubber add-weight spacer kitcopper pipeline system rubber fixing part to avoid viberationantivibration rubber grommets copper pipe rubber spacer for air conditioner compressor

Rubber Antivibration Grommet For Double Refrigeration pipe in compressor

pipe spacer Rubber damping Grommet For two copper pipe

Rubber fixing part spacer for double refrigeration copper pipe

 How to purchase “Double-Holes Rubber Grommet Rubber pipe spacer For Refrigeration pipe & compressor copper pipe”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:  [email protected]

 How to reduce the noise when compressor is working?

The noise source from the outer unit door of the split air conditioner comes from three parts: the resonant vibration excited by the compressor, the fan and their connecting parts. The compressor is the main part of the whole system. Due to the particularity of the use of the compressor, the requirements for its noise and vibration characteristics are also high, but due to the lack of experimental analysis methods, it is still impossible to conduct a thorough study of its noise and vibration. If there is no collision noise between the two, generally adjust the distance between the outer machine pipelines or install the shock-absorbing glue to eliminate the fault. Noise when the press is working: One is caused by parts. It is common that the press cylinder or the press start capacitor is damaged. Damaged spare parts can be replaced. The other is the poor performance of the press, which produces low-frequency vibration and humming during operation. It can be eliminated by adjusting and replacing the shock-absorbing rubber pad of the press foot, wrapping the sound-proof cotton, etc.

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  1. Hello,

    I need to purchase your proposal on your website to improve Heat Pump vibration.

    item: Double-Holes Rubber Grommet

    Please could answer me about approach of order and receive part.

    réf GDK12 and GDK13 qty per réf : 5

  2. Hello
    Could you send us the price of rubber spacer clamp For Refrigeration pipe system
    We would be interested in the model 0021
    Could you send us the price, delivery time for a delivery of 10 pieces (for a test) and 3000 pieces, as well as the shipping costs for a shipment to France
    Thank you for your help and quick feedback.

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