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Door Link Air Grille

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Door Link Air Grille

We accept customized dimension for production on different model Grille For Spiral Air Duct……Small order is permited.No Minimum order limit!

Door Link Air Grille Door Link Air Grille

Door Link Air Grille – Customized size is permitted.

Door Link Grille RG-DL

* Model: RG-DL
*  Material: Aluminum
* Feature:
* Frame thick:1.1 mm.
* With an additional outer frame and hinged lock.
* The grille face is hinged to outer frame.
* The central core is removable for cleaning and replacement.
* The filter can be either nylon or aluminum.


Nice outlooking


Can open it easily.You can easily clear filter.


You can choose with/without filter at the back.


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