Do you know the best temperature for air conditioner to save electicity?

Summer, the home of the meter just like mounting the motor, go fast, coupled with a rise in electricity prices, and energy conservation awareness is becoming more and more strong, air conditioning in some air conditioning consumers to figure out how to make the family’s electricity-saving, studying air conditioning not only open to a few degrees of electricity. Constant temperature air conditioning experts in Hunan told the secret of your air conditioning costs, hopes to use air conditioning at a later time more wisely.

The heat of the summer, usually turn on the air conditioning back home, transferred to the extreme low temperature, is also sweating on the outside, entered the House as it as if we were into the Icehouse, cool is cool, but this is likely to cause the common cold, but electricity has many. Watch air conditioning remote control, refrigeration can be up to 16 degrees Celsius, what should the thermostat to how many degrees do better? Tell you that air conditioning set at 26 degree Celsius is best and why?

This is because the impact on human health of comfort in addition to lighting, air conditioning, color perception, as well as temperature and humidity. Statistics showed that the best human comfort when the temperature is between 24~28℃. Another point, set the air conditioner at 26 ° c has an economic benefit. Taking the city of Changsha as an example, if an air conditioner temperature increases of 1.5 HP split air conditioner 1 c, 0.4 kWh of electricity savings from run for 6 hours a day, calculated according to 4 months in the summer, you can power-saving 48 degrees, is around 70, in fact, value is much greater than this valueAnd if it is installed with air flow deflector,can save more power..

To sum up, household air conditioning up to 26 ° c is the most comfortable, most without electricity!

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