Disinfectant Cordless Standard Sprayer (non-electrostatic)


Disinfectant Cordless Standard Sprayer (non-electrostatic) 2

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Product description

    1. Battery: 12V 8AH / 12AH battery
    2. Water pump: intelligent automatic pressure regulating diaphragm water pump
    3. Charger: 12V 1.0-1.2A / 1.5-1.7A intelligent three-stage charger
    4. Barrel: New polypropylene material
    5. Boom: New stainless steel telescopic rod
    6. Battery capacity display: with voltage indicator
    7. Hose: new rubber hose can reach 0.6mpa
    8. Net weight (kg): 5-8kg
    9. Medicine box capacity (L): 18L
    10. Voltage: 12V
    11. Flow rate: 1.5-2.8L / min
    12. Working pressure: 0.15-0.45mpa
    13. Power: 35W
    14. Dimensions: 390 * 200 * 520mm
  • [application] This product is widely used in the field of sanitizing and disinfection due to its ultra-micro-atomization characteristics, such as spraying immunity, atomized dosing, humidification and dust removal, disinfect to bus,home,hospital,school,office,company,streets and other buildings,kill COVID-19 and other flu virus.This machine can save disinfectant liquid,and significantly improves the disinfection efficiency,better disinfection result.

Place of origin: Supplied by China Manfacturer, Made in China, export to worldwide.

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Disinfectant Cordless Standard Sprayer (non-electrostatic) 3

  • Model : FT-MD15DA
    15-liter backpack electric sprayer 1pcs / ctn
  • PACK MEAS: 40 * 19.5 * 58CM


  • Model: FT-MD18DA
    18-liter backpack electric sprayer 1pcs / ctn
  • PACK MEAS: 40 * 19.5 * 62CM

Working pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa

Maximum pressure: 1.0Mpa

Water pump: 80PSI (5.50bar)

Water pump flow: 3.1 l / min

Battery specification: 12V.8AH


The electric sprayer is composed of a liquid storage tank connected through a filter, a coupling head, a suction device (small electric pump), a connecting pipe, a nozzle, and a spray nozzle. The suction is a small electric pump, which is connected to the battery through the wire and the switch Electric connection, the battery box is installed at the bottom of the liquid storage barrel, and the liquid storage barrel can be made into a recess with a sunken battery. The advantage of the electric sprayer is that the suction type suction tube is eliminated, which effectively eliminates the pesticide The filter is harmful to the operator, and saves labor, and the pressure of the electric pump is higher than the pressure of the manual suction tube of the person, which increases the spraying distance and range. The atomization effect is good, saving time, effort and medicine!

Range of use:

Widely used in general industrial equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, agriculture (lawn and garden), tourist vehicles, special vehicles, ships, beverages, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment.
(1) The electric sprayer used in the production of agriculture can also be converted into an electric sprayer by hand pressure sprayer (a micro water pump is directly installed on the hand pressure sprayer, and then a battery or a hand lamp is enough)
(2) Solve the water used in the food, beverage, washing, bathing, toilet, and washing of vehicles, ships, yachts, boats, etc. in use.
(3) Food and beverage processing and processing equipment to realize the transfer, distribution and filling of fluid food.
(4) Household water supply. For example, water-saving toilets, water-saving toilets, electric toilets, water pipe pressurization systems, etc.
(5) Solar energy industry.
(6) Water purification industry. For example, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, pure water machines, etc. It can be used for production enterprises such as soft towel machine, water dispenser, coke machine, juice machine, dishwasher, disinfection machine, solar bonsai, automobile glass washing and so on.
(7) Other equipment and systems that require liquid transfer, injection and even metering. For example, garbage trucks, sprinklers, carpet cleaning equipment, floor cleaning equipment, vehicle cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, dishwashers, medical equipment, chemical equipment, chemical protection equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling systems, pressurization systems, etc.
Operation Manual:
1. Install the sprayer parts correctly. Check whether the connections are leaking. When in use, install a clean water test spray before loading the medicine.
2. When it is officially used, it is necessary to add the medicine first and then the water. The liquid level of the medicine liquid cannot exceed the safe water level. Before spraying, first move the rocker more than 10 times to increase the air pressure in the barrel to the working pressure. Do not use excessive force when pulling the rocker to avoid explosion of the gas chamber.
3. When the liquid medicine is filled for the first time, because the air chamber and the spray bar contain clean water, the concentration of the liquid medicine sprayed in the first 2 to 3 minutes of spraying is low, so pay attention to supplemental spraying, so as not to affect the prevention and treatment effect of pests.
4. After the work is completed, the residual liquid in the barrel should be poured out in time and washed with water to dry. At the same time, check whether there is water in the gas chamber. If there is water, remove the water connector to release the water.
5. If the sprayer is not to be used in a short period of time, the main parts should be cleaned, wiped dry, and stored in a cool and dry place. If it will not be used for a long time, grease all metal parts to prevent rust.
Possible troubles and troubleshooting methods:
Insufficient spray pressure and poor atomization: if the inlet ball valve is held up by dirt, the inlet valve can be removed and the dirt removed with a cloth; if the leather bowl is damaged, a new leather bowl can be replaced; if the connection part is not installed Sealing ring, or leakage due to damage to the sealing ring, can be added or replaced.
No spraying: If the inclined hole of the nozzle body is blocked by dirt, the inclined hole can be cleared; if the nozzle hole is blocked, the spray hole can be disassembled and cleaned, but hard objects such as iron wire or copper needle cannot be used to poke the spray hole to prevent the hole from expanding , Making the spray quality worse; if the filter in the casing is blocked or the ball of the water valve is held up, the filter and the dirt holding the ball should be cleaned.
The switch is leaking or cannot be screwed: if the switch cap is not tightened, the switch cap should be tightened; if the gasket on the switch core is worn, the gasket should be replaced; the switch cannot be screwed because it is placed for a long time or used for too long. The core is stuck due to the erosion of the agent. The parts should be removed and cleaned in kerosene or diesel oil. When it is difficult to remove, it can be immersed in kerosene for a period of time, and then it can be removed after disassembly.
Water leakage at all connection parts: if the joint is loose, the nut should be tightened; if the gasket is not flat or damaged, the gasket should be flattened or the gasket replaced; if the gasket shrinks and hardens, it can be soaked in animal oil before use .

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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