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Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1801

Item: Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1801

The main technical indicators:

  •  Control Range: Temperature 0 ~ 99.9 ℃
  •  Minimum resolution: 0.1℃
  • Refresh Rate: 0.5S
  • Output : Control: Relay passive output, resistive load10A
  • Parameter setting method: touch switch
  • Size: 7CM × 5CM
  • Operating voltage: AC / DC9V – 12V (regardless of positive and negative)
  • power off parameter memory protection function:yes
  • Working environment: Temperature -30 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity of 35% to 85%.

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Model 1801-KEYS Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1801-2

The main significance of the character display.

S0: the code for setting temperature control value,
What is “temperature control value”: the desired temperature which you want to control.

Sc:the code for temperature sensor correction,
Temperature sensor correction: When you believe that the controlling system(including sensor) happen errors and the
result couldn`t be consistent with value which is tested by more accurate grade measuring device, then you can use this
“correction” function in order to obtain consistent result.Cause to use the function, to avoid precisely meter the
inverse modified inaccurate. Set an error in the direction opposite the range -5.0 to 5.0 the same value. If high 3.0,
then set -3.0; if low 3.0, then set 3.0.

Po: the symbol for hysteresis

Hysteresis value: in pure level digital control, there must be a proper return difference (also known as poor or dead
zone switch), if the hysteresis is too small, result in frequent exchanges and contacts and reduce the service life;If
the hysteresis too big,will cause the environmental of controlled range fluctuates too big. In some cases (such as air
conditioning room temperature control), can be used to set hysteresis to let the controlled value fluctuates in a
setting rang, to avoid waste. In general,it is appropriate to set hysteresis with 0.3% of full scale.

cc: cooling / heating switch

cc = 0 means the cooling mode, when the actual temperature is higher than the controlled temperature, then the cooling
equipment is turned on

cc = 1 means the heating mode, when the actual temperature is below the controlled temperature,then the heating
equipment is turned on

Long time to press the SET key to enter the parameter setting menu, set the following:
Temperature control settings “SO”, by setting the plus and minus to set value, and then press the SET key to complete
the set (setting range 0-99)

Setting hysteresis “PO”, by setting the plus and minus to set value, and then press the SET key to complete the set
(setting range 1-20)

Work mode setting “CC”, by setting plus and minus settings to set, and then press the SET key to complete the set (“1”
heating / “0” cooling)
Finally shows “—“.it indicates complete all settings

Setting Examples
1, set 50℃ degrees to power on, 45℃ to power off
Set cooling mode CC = 0; control 50, that means SO = 50, hysteresis is set to 5, that means PO = 5;

2, set 45℃ power on, 50℃ power off
Set heating mode CC = 1; control 45, that means SO = 45, hysteresis is set to 5, that means PO = 5;

If display “HHH”, please check if the sensor input is shorted or exceeds the limit;

If display “LLL”, the sensor maybe short circuit or exceeds the limit, then it automatically starts protection function, will cut off the power to the load,it require you to slove the trouble before re-use


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