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Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1403Item: Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1403

Description: Digital Thermostat Module
Temperature control range: -50 ~ 110 ℃
Control accurancy: 0.1℃
Input Power: DC12V / 24V
Output: 1 channel 10A relay output
Screen: 65*16mm
Sensor: T106 sensor,500mm long
Light: 30s fixed

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1403-1 XH-W1403-2 XH-W1403-3 XH-W1403-4 XH-W1403-5

Mode heating and cooling,that means high temperature start and low temperature start;
If want heating: start temperature < stop temperature;
If want cooling:start temperature > stop temperature;
Output stat: WORK,meaning relay close;
Output stat: STOP,meaning relay is off;

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