Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1316,two relay output

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Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1316,two relay output

Item: Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1316,two relay output

Specifications Model: XH-W1316
Temperature control: on-off
Control mode: heating, cooling;
Temperature control range: -50℃-110 ℃
Control accuracy: +/- 0.1 ℃
Power supply voltage: DC12V/24v,AC220V
Output: Relay output,two channels
Appearance size: 82 * 58*30mm

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1316 XH-w1316 lighting xh-w1316 key XH-W1316 parameter xh-w1316 code

he controller is the type of Relay outputting,output contacting tip means a switcher,so,need to connect the tip into the power-supply circuit.

How to use?
1,set stop temperature: press SET a time,flashing a number on the screen,set this number as stop temperature,at what temperature you want to stop,then set this number as stop temperature.
2,set working mode: press SET key long time,after 5seconds,showing F1 on screen;then,press SET key again,set to be “H” or “C”.
3,Set Return value: when showing F1 on the screen,press ” ” a time,when showing F2 on the screen,press SET key again,set the value of F2.

The mode of Speeding up:
the controller has two channels output(Output1 and output2).No need divide for two channels.For example,when set Return value “5”,when the difference between real temperature and stop temperature is bigger than 5,then will start the second output,and thus start the mode of Speeding Up.

The use of heating mode:
Refer to the way 1.2.3 above,set temperature difference(enter F3 to set temperature difference).

Code meaning:
F1: working mode
H: indicates that work in the heating mode; C: indicates cooling mode
F2: Hysteresis setting(Return value setting)
Hysteresis = controlling maximum temperature -controlling minimium temperature, Example: control between 35-40,
Then the hysteresis is 5 (40-35 = 5 so the hysteresis is set to 5)
F3: Temperature difference setting
Can set a group of temperature difference, when the first red lighter bright,when the difference between the real-time temperature and stop temperature is greater than the F3 set value, then the second red lighter bright, start the two devices.
When the difference between the real-time temperature and the stop temperature is less than the set value of F3, the second red light does not bright, the second channel relay has no output.
F4: Set the upper temperature limit (no need to set)
F5: Set the lower temperature limit (no need to set)
F6: Temperature calibration
When there is errer between the display temperature and the actual temperature , can be corrected through this function, after correction,the value will be automatically added to the real-time temperature, the current display temperature = the last display temperature + calibration value.
F7: high temperature alarm
When the temperature is higher than the set value, the LED flashes

Notice: You need to connect heating device or cooling device on both Output 1 and Output 2. Couldn`t one channel connect heating device,and the other conntect cooling device.

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