Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308


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Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308

Item: Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308

Description: Digital Thermostat Module
Thermostat Range: -55℃ to 120℃
Thermostat Accuracy: 0.1℃
Screen Color: Blue or Red
Power Supply: 5V/12V/24V, 220V;
Output: Max 10A
Temperature Probe Wire: 0.5meter,anti-water;
Whole Size: 100x48x28mm
Screen Size:37x18mm
Flush/embed Size: 71x41mm
Hole Distance: M3/86mm

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308 ”

12V  / red light / with panel and 1meter probe
12V  / blue / with panel  and 1meter probe
24V  / red light / with panel and 1meter probe
24V  / blue / with panel and 1meter probe
220V  / red light /with panel and 1meter probe
220V  / blue light/with panel and 1meter probe

XH-W1308-1 XH-W1308-2 XH-W1308-3 XH-W1308-4 XH-W1308-5 XH-W1308-6 XH-W1308-7220V-XH-W1308XH-W1308 manufacturer

CodeIndicatingSet rangeInital Setting
P0Mode setH/CC
P1Return Difference Setting0.1-302.0
P2Up limit+120120
P3Down limit-55-55
P4Temp. adjust+10 to -100
P5Delay Time Start0-10 minutes0
P6High temp.alarm-50-120off
P7Data Lockon/offoff
P8Inital settingon/offoff
Operation on “Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308”

How to set temperature?
When you switch on,the real temperature will be displayed; Push “SET” one time,the screen flash,and then push
arrow(up or down) to set temperature;
How to enter more SETTING?
Long Pushing “SET”(5s)to enter more setting;And push “ENT” to confirm and return last menu;In the normal working,Long pushing can lead to Switching Off;
PO:Working mode
When you are first time to use this digital thermostat module,you must set to be “PO”;If works for heating,set to be “H”;If
working for cooling,set to be “G”;
P1: temperature range value
For example: set Heating mode,temperature 37℃-40℃,then the value is 3.
P2-P3:to set temperature range for thermostat
P4:Adjust temperature error
This function is to adjust temperature error.If there has some error between real temperature and tested temperature,you can
use this function. The adjusted value=tested value + adjusted value. For example,we tested temperature 25.6℃,but real
temperature is 25.8℃,then you can set P4 to be 0.2,then the final temperature is 25.6℃+0.2=25.8℃;
P5:Delaying start
This function is used for compressor refrigerating.If you want this device to use on the refrigerator,then this value must be
set.Accoring to compressor returning pressure,generally set 3-6minutes;If you don`t to control compressor,or don`t need
delaying function,please skip this set.
P6:Alarm for high temperature
When the real temperature is over than the set value,the screen will show “HHH” and the buzzer will alarm sound “di di di”,at
the same time,will cut off output to protect electric circuit.
P7:Value lock.To prevent other people to modify the setting.After you set all values,you can enter “P7”,and set to be
“On”,then,all values couldn`t be modified,unless enter “P7” again to set to be “Off”;
P8:Recovery all value to be inital state.

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  • The Digital Thermostat Module Model XH-W1308 is available for retail and wholesale;
  • Accept customized bulk production,putting your logo;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: or ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

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    Good morning, I’m doing tests and if it works I want to buy a larger amount. But I have a unit and followed all the configuration, but the alarm does not beep, just the whistle pressing the buttons. First I would like to know the procedure to activate the alarm, because in P6 is activated on.

  • Hule Mitad

    I need XH-W1308 termostat,220v.10pc./sample/
    What is the price for export to USA? English print on front.

  • Ekta FN

    How many is minimmum order and price for quantity order?
    can you sent to Indonesia?

  • Audrius

    I can bay XH-W1308 termostat,220v.100pc.
    What is the prise for export to Lituania?


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