Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1304


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Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1304

Item: Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1304

Can set any time range to control the temperature, for example, 8: 30 ~ 18: 00 control temperature is 60℃, other time off.

Specifications Model: XH-W1304
Temperature control: on-off
Control mode: heating, cooling;
Temperature control range: -50℃-110 ℃
Control accuracy: +/- 0.1 ℃
Power supply voltage: DC12v;
Output: Single channel Relay output;
Enviroment required: -10 to 60℃,humidity 20%-85%.
Appearance size: 78* 49*27mm

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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XH-W1304 02 XH-W1304 03 XH-W1304 12V wiring XH-W1304 220v wiring Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1304 key

Press “SET” once  to enter the main MENU:

Digital Thermostat module Model XH-W1304 menu code

(Press both + – key to power on to recover initial value)

Indicator and fault code description
MH: Yellow heating mode indicator
If C: (blue) Cooling mode indicator
OUT: (red) Output indicator
TIME: (green) Time control indicator
LLLL: No sensor connected or sensor faulty
HHHH: The measuring range is exceeded or the sensor is faulty
Temperature flashing: the current state is set or in high and low temperature alarm

Detailed function
PO, open when the control mode: turn on this function panel TIME indicator light, then the temperature output can only
For the set time, refer to P3 P4
P1  P2, set the start and stop temperature:
Low temperature start to heating mode (P1 <P2) MH light
High-temperature start for the cooling mode (P1> P2) MC lights
P3  P4, set the temperature control period, this function must be set to ON PO to take effect
P5  P6, set the alternate display dwell time, which is the temperature and current time to switch back and forth time, single
Bit for seconds, can also turn off one of the display, only to retain the time or temperature display.
P7  P8, high and low temperature alarm settings: When the temperature reaches the set temperature screen flashes, buzzer, etc.
P9, temperature correction: when the measured temperature and the actual temperature can be offset by this function correction, correction
After the value of two real-time temperature + temperature correction value
P10, adjust the current time
P11, time difference correction: a fixed addition and subtraction of a few seconds per day to solve the clock error

Case Description
Heating mode 06: 30-21: 00 turn on heating, and the temperature is higher than 60℃ to stop, less than 50℃ start heating
PO = ON Turns on
P1 = 50 Set the start temperature to 50 ℃
P2 = 60 Set the heating to 60℃ to stop
P3 = 06: 30 Set the start time
P4 = 21: 00 Set the off time
2. Cooling mode does not open when the control, the need to control the temperature of all the young, when the temperature is higher than 50℃ to open the fan, cooling to 45℃ to stop
PO = OFF is not open when the control, in the all-day temperature control state
P1 = 50 Set the starting temperature to 50℃
P2 = 45 Set the temperature to 45 ℃ to stop

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