Digital Thermostat LTC-2X

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Digital Thermostat LTC-2X

Digital Thermostat LTC-2X 2

LTC-2X Freezer Special Temperature Controller
LTC-2X series thermostat is a series of products specially developed for various direct-cooling kitchen refrigerators and freezers. It has temperature display, temperature control and compressor start delay protection. The function of sensor fault and over-range code display can adjust the temperature through the knob type band switch, which is convenient and quick to operate, and the performance is stable and reliable. Widely used in commercial refrigeration equipment, HVAC and other industries.
Specifications and sizes:
◆ Machine size: 137 × 56 × 69 (mm)
◆ Installation size: 112 × 39 (mm)
Technical parameters:
◆ Temperature range: -40 ~ +90 ° C
◆ Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1 ° C
◆ Display Resolution: 1 °C
◆ Sensor type and line length: NTC sensor, line length 2 meters
◆ Refrigeration relay output: 30A/240VAC (maximum load 1.5HP)
◆ Compressor start delay time: 2 minutes
◆ Temperature control position: 0 ~7 files (OFF file is off controller)
◆Power consumption: <3w
◆Protection level: IP65

◆Working environment temperature: -5°C~+50°C

LTC-20,temperature range from 10℃ to -5℃;
LTC-21,temperature range from 0℃ to -10℃;
LTC-22,temperature range from 4℃ to -15℃;
LTC-23,temperature range from -2℃ to -18℃;
LTC-24,temperature range from -8℃ to -25℃;
LTC-25,temperature range from 10℃ to 0℃;
LTC-26,temperature range from -6℃ to -16℃;

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