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digital pressure & vacuum gauges

Digital Pressure and Vacuum Gauges is made with the most advanced digital circuits and high-precision pressure sensors .It can accurately measure both the refrigerant pressure and vacuum pressure, built-in 82 refrigerant pressure and temperature corresponding relational database according to the American National Standards NIST, to check the corresponding temperature of the refrigerant according to refrigerant pressure measurement, to assist you in servicing refrigeration system .


  •  Switch between vacuum and refrigerant;
  •  NIST built according to American National Standard 82 corresponding to the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant relational database
  •  measurable percentage of the vacuum pressure and vacuum degree prompted
  • low battery tips, battery life of 30 hours, 9V battery
  •  measuring pressure unit: Kpa, Bar, Psi, TOrr, Kg F / cm2, InHg, MmHg
  • measuring temperature units: oF, oC
  •  measuring range: URC: -101kpa-6Mpa,  RXX: -101Kpa-4Mpa
  • Min: 1Kpa
  •  sensor accuracy: ± 0.5%
  •  overload limit: 100Bar, 10Mpa
  • Temperature range: -20 ℃ -60 ℃

digital pressure & vacuum gauges

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  1. we are in need of your product model number WK-688L and WK-688H for our resell in india.please provide us the pricing for 100 nos batch qnty.your early reply will be highly appreciated.

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