Digital air humidity control controller


Digital air humidity control controller

Item: Digital air humidity control controller

Description: ThermoElectric module thermostat
Temperature range: -50-110 ℃
Input Power: DC12V
Output: Max. 12V 15A 180W
Self-power consumption:static state current <120MA/1.5W
Temp. sensor: 0.5m Waterproof sensor (10KB 3950)
Output: 1 channel +/- switching and 1 channel heating and 1 channel cooling
Environmental requirements: -20 ~ 65 ℃ Humidity <80%
Size: 78 * 53*26mm
Screen: PV34*19mm,SV23*10mm

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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Digital air humidity controller

Detected range0% -99%20% -99%
Detected accurancy+/- 3RH+/- 5RH
Controlling accurancy1%1%
Sampling frequency2times/s2times/s
Input220V 50HZ220V 50HZ
Input wire0.75*2  wire long 1.2m0.75*2  wire long 1.2m
Detecting inputAM2301-90CMAM1001-90CM
Output capacityAC220V-1500WAC220V-1500W
Enviroment requirement-25 to 60℃-20 to 50℃
Overall size98*137*45mm98*137*45mm
Net weight350g350g

How to operate?

Switch on and showing present air humidity,press SET key can set Start/Stop parameter.
Start>Stop: Remove humidity;
Start<Stop: Adding humidity;
Left red light,means output is working;
Right green light,means stop output;

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