Difference between thermodynamic solar panel system and other heating devices

Difference between thermodynamic solar panel system and  other heating devices

Central heating
Winter heating is necessary for residence in northern China, the main use of central heating. Heat supply was heating company or community in the boiler room. At present, mostly coal-fired, gas-fired heating system boiler and fuel oil as a heat source, via extranet or intranet and interior systems. There is also a central heating, central air conditioning and heating. This method of heating is currently widely used in high-end real estate, air-cooled and water-cooled air conditioning systems.

For individual heating
According to a Beijing real estate company survey of consumer demand for heating mode: municipal central heating for 46%, proportion of household heating second only to City Central heating, 44%, proportion of household central air-conditioning demand is 23%, demand for household-type wall-mounted gas boiler for 21%.
Household heating feature is that users can choose according to their preferences, but heat can also be measured. With the emergence of clean energy and new technology, new products, make a diversified choice of heating possible. Central heating’s dominance is being challenged. Integration of independent heating, hot water heating and so on have emerged. Commercialization of housing developments, double guard, duowei the emergence of large scale, duplex, villas, further improve the domestic water-heating and domestic hot water requirements. Integration of household heating facilities and sanitary hot water viewed unfavourably by a growing number of real estate developers.

From the perspective of consumer demand for increasingly high comfort, central heating fix heating and heating temperature, has been unable to adapt to modern consumers ‘ increasing the comfortability of thermal energy, hot water requirements.

Home air conditioning heating
Due to historical habit in southern China, without prior settings in residential heating facilities, but due to the high humidity in the South, the moisture in the air, so that it accelerates the conduction, leading to winter in the South is more cold, air conditioning is generally used for warmth. But the obvious disadvantages of air conditioning, heating: electricity, dry air and dust increased comfort is poor.

Thermodynamic panel system

Using environmental energy sources such as solar, wind and rain as a heat source, can be used in winter temperature:-20 ℃. For solar, heating purposes can be achieved when the sun don’t shine, was really abandoned support of renewable sources of energy for heating. Installation space, power does not need expansion, maintenance, ground copper tube are free of maintenance. Neither the developer nor the single-family laying is a cost-effective investment. Safe use low energy consumption, solar heating home application enhances the penetration. In fruit drying and sludge drying industry also performed well.

Wall-mounted gas boiler heating

Household wall-mounted gas boiler to natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas for energy, available for heating an area of less than 300 square meters per household. Can be installed in a kitchen, balcony, basement or attic. Connected via indoor pipes and radiators, double road can be both heating and domestic hot water supply. Plus loaded indoor temperature control device Hou, can arbitrary regulation different bedroom of temperature; home in the unmanned Shi, just adjustable low temperature, ensure machine and cycle water not frozen can; plus loaded timer, can preset started time, home Hou, immediately can feel home of warm; developers can save boiler room construction, and planning, and maintenance by occupy of funds, and land, and human resources; reduced air pollution.

Electric film is a power fever of translucent polyester film, electric-heating-film method is based on electricity for heat, electric film heating element directly through infrared electromagnetic wave infra-red heat, Sun bathing comfort. But its. Large power, low power community should not be used.

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