Difference Between air source energy,solar energy And Thermodynamic solar energy

Thermodynamic solar energy utilization system, with its unique high and waiting a good run for the year are not affected by changes in the weather impact, quickly won market. Especially anhydrous heat to fully develop, is to surprise our customers also benefit from, feel the comfort of the high-tech, low-carbon and energy-saving products to enjoy. Annual energy-saving rate is greater than 70%, money becomes the favorite key.

Solar energy

Generally refers to the use of solar energy as the evaporator heat source heat pump systems, as distinguished from solar photovoltaic or thermal electricity-powered heat pump unit. It mainly consists of solar collectors, thermal expansion valve in evaporator, compressor, condenser, storage tanks and other components.


Space heat pump technology and solar thermal technologies combine performance while improving the efficiency of solar collectors and heat pump systems. Collectors absorb heat as a low temperature heat source of heat pump, on rainy days, direct expansion space into an air-source heat pumps, non-direct-expansion space as a secondary heat source heating system. Therefore, it is available to provide hot water or heat.


Simply combining outdoor units of solar collectors and air. Tubes for security breaches, equipment component covers an area larger. Complete set of equipment costs high, below-4 ° c would rely on electric heat to get the job done. Product is a significant geographical range of application limited, North of the Yangtze River region in winter cold and difficult to promote. System difficult to bear during the winter heating demand.

Air source energy

Air through the compressor system, absorbing heat from the air made hot water. Specific procedures are: compressor compresses refrigerant, temperature after compression of the refrigerant after condensers made of hot water in the water tank. Hot-swap of refrigerant back to the compressor for the next cycle. In this process, the import heat through the evaporator the air is absorbed in water, hot water.


Air is a widespread practice, equality and free use of low-grade energy, after using the heat pump cycle to improve its grade of energy used to heat domestic hot water, due to the use of a power be able to absorb 3 air, thus 4 heat heating hot water supply system, and is thus one of the greatest potential for development and application of energy-saving and environmental technologies, with high practical value. In addition, the air to fundamentally eliminate the leakage and dry as well as gas-fired water heater electric water heater safety hazards such as harmful gases, overcoming rainy solar water heater does not work and other shortcomings, with energy-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to operate, use and many other advantages, in line with the strategic approach, social and environmentally sustainable development of energy in China.


Air is a specific limitation of energy-saving products, primarily concerned with ambient air temperature, ideally efficient 20 ° c, and at-5 ° c the following almost unusable, at-5 ° c ~5 ° c during operation, but without 1:1 in energy efficiency ratio. We all know that summer when the ambient temperature is high, and our dependence on water heating and heat very low, while during the winter months when heat is required, it is difficult to provide, it is difficult to meet. Air temperature-sensitive, Winter North of the Yangtze River can not achieve the desired effect of energy-saving, promotion limited. Air to host similar air conditioner outdoor unit, heavy bulky on the installation requirements.

Thermodynamic solar energy

Thermodynamic panel water heater is consisting of thermodynamic solar panel to absorb solar energy and air energy, thermodynamic block, water tank and copper tube. Using ultra thin and light collector plate – 0.3cm, 8kg, Pan is formed around the field when you run the system keep the environment energy poured into the collector plate, bi-directional heat greatly increases the heat collection rate.
Thermodynamic panel system is highly agglutinative staphylococcin and efficient utilization of natural energy in nature. It not only gather solar energy, and will gather all embrace solar energy fully absorbed in the system. It is subject to the environmental impact, but small to not be around. At 30 ° c for example, when the sun shines, and energy efficient heat generation, in heavy rain, COP as high as 1:9.5, still has a unique high performance when the winds, record 1:11.5. This amazing series high performance is due to its system uses many of the concepts in quantum mechanics, space size effects, etc. So that it can in the absence of the Sun case, meet hot water, heating, and electrically heated, security 100%. Unlike traditional solar collector is, thermodynamic solar panel  absorb the energy including solar energy, such as wind, rain, and electromagnetic energy.


Thermodynamic solar energy save the space and installed are not affected by the southern and Northern dynasties to limit product is lightweight to reduce construction difficulty. Thermodynamic solar energy system can works in  sunny-50 ℃ , adapted to extensive geographical coverage. Average annual energy efficiency 1:6, breaking the limit of energy-saving products. Full hydro-isolation, no harmful gas release. Thermodynamic solar panel  hot water is not heating, in extremely cold regions also produce hot water, daily power consumption of less than 2 degrees. Thermodynamic solar energy water heating does not scale-free, disposable heat, low maintenance rates. Low power consumption, power consumption less than 12 degrees.The  mode connected to a cooling system with water heating, winter heating and summer cooling, a device used for a full year.


-20 ° c without sunshine COP is only 1:3. Thermodynamic solar energy mode set to install solar thermal panels to consider the problem of condensation water to prevent affecting the downstairs tenants. Refrigerant filling incorrectly can cause Frost, when asked to install in one step.

To sum up, we know these products are on a completely different levels, concepts, not only technical content, but also the practical application varies greatly. Effects of  Thermodynamic solar energy is unrestricted 100% contribution and more  significantly.

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