Delay on make timer relay


Delay on make timer relay

It is also named  Delay On Break  Timer Relay,works for compressor, air conditioner,refrigeration system and HVAC system,to delay time for starting.

  • Line Voltage: 18-240 VAC/VDC
  • Line Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Output Ratings:Maximum: 1.5 amps;Minimum: 40 mA;Inrush: 15 amps
  • Time Delay: 0.03-10 mins. adjustable

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Delay on make timer relay for compressor Delay on make timer relay timing diagram

Diversified: AC-800 ASC-600,601
Gemline: 1C310,1C213
Mars: 32391,32367
Robertshaw: 3310-068
Supco: TD-68,TD-69
ICM: 102
Watsco: EAC-701-ADJ EAC-700-A

•Knob adjustable from .03-10 minutes
•Works with anticipator thermostats
Line Voltage: 18-240 VAC/VDC
Line Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Output Ratings:
Maximum: 1.5 amps
Minimum: 40 mA
Inrush: 15 amps
Time Delay: .03-10 mins. adjustable
3 or 5 minute fixed

1.Disconnect power.
2.Connect terminals in series with the starting device as shown in the system diagram below.
3.For 24 VAC circuits, apply control as packaged. For 120/240 VAC circuits, cut the jumper wire.
4.Select the desired time delay.
5.Reapply power, check operation.
6.Trickle current bypass resistor T1 to T3 < 1k ohm.

Mode of Operation
When power is applied to the input, the time delay begins. After the time delay is complete,the load energizes and remains energized as long as power is applied. The control is reset by removing power during or after the time delay period.
The QD-068 provides thermostat interruption protection, even in the presence of a trickle current

Difference between QD-068 and QD-072:
Same parameter,For QD-072,its time of delay start is intelligent.

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