Defrost timer series DBZA

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Defrost timer series  DBZA

Defrost timer series DBZA


Item No.

Cycle Time

Defrost Time

50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
DBZA-802 8.8H+6M 7.33H+5M 2.4M+48S 2M+40S
DBZA-804 8.8H+6M 7.33H+5M 4.2M+1.2M 3.5M+1M
DBZA-807 8.01H+6M 6.67H+5M 7.05M+2.4M 5.87M+2M
DBZA-835 8.01H+6M 6.67H+5M 35M+5M 29.17M+4.16M
DBZA-1004A 10H+6M 8.33H+5M 4.32M+1.33M 3.6M+1.1M
DBZA-1004 10.83H+6M 9.025H+5M 4.32M+1.2M 3.6M+1M
DBZA-1005 10.8H+6M 9H+5M 5.82M+1.2M 4.83M+1M
DBZA-1302 13.1H+10M 10.92H+8.33M 2.4M+48S 2M+40S
DBZA-1307 13.1H+10M 10.62H+8.33M 7.2M+1.2M 6M+1M

Application Defrost timer is applicable for controlling defrost timing in the refrigerating systems of refrigerators, freezers, display cases and other refrigeration systems. ※ Feature driven by self-orienting startup ACS(Alternating Current Synchronous) motors, great torque, good timing, little power consumption, low noise; high capacity switch design, good loading capacity; compact structure, small size, suitable for installing inside or outside refrigerator; working environment -20℃~60℃.

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